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At Amity Wellness in Phuket, Thailand, we offer detox programs that can help to reset the whole system. Each of our specialized cleansing programs incorporates powerful healing modalities that include therapeutic massage, colon cleansing, inflammation pods and structured detoxification protocols. For more information visit:

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The human body is designed to remove toxins as part of its everyday metabolic processes, but if the amount of toxins exceeds the body’s ability to detoxify, then unfortunately the body will be forced to store them.

Detox must be done correctly and under the supervision of a professional. Cleansing protocols can be useful for everyone but not everyone is a good candidate for the more intense detox programs, which is why each applicant at Amity Wellness is thoroughly pre-screened and assessed individually by one of the highly experienced Wellness Consultants. Forcing toxins out of the cells and extracellular matrix must be accompanied by powerful detoxification protocols to speed up and support the channels of elimination.

Amity wellness offers different types of Wellness packages, which can be tailor made to meet your specific goals and objectives. Upon review of your online health assessment, toxicity questionnaire, vitamin deficiency report, your level of commitment to the pre-cleansing protocol, and the result of your saliva pH test, our highly specialised detox consultants will help you to decide which program or combination of programs will offer the greatest opportunity for the deepest level of safe and effective Detoxification.

Poor detoxification capabilities and excessive accumulation of stored toxins can cause biochemical toxicity, which in turn can cause alterations to the body’s DNA code, cause neurological damage, systemic inflammation, hormone dysregulation, impaired nervous system function, degenerative disease and autoimmune disorders.

Here is a list of simple but effective detox protocols that can be easily implemented once you return back home:

Morning Detox Shot: Dissolve 1 Tbsp. Apple cider vinegar in hot water and add a squeeze of Lemon juice and a dash of Cinnamon, Turmeric, Ginger and Cayenne pepper. Drink it through straw to protect the enamel on your teeth (1 minute)

Oil Pulling: Put a tablespoon of coconut oil (or cold pressed oil of your choice) in your mouth, then swish it around for 15-20 minutes while you shower and get ready and then spit it out. The main benefit of doing oil pulling is to reduce the amount of harmful bacteria in the mouth and bind mercury toxicity caused by amalgam fillings. (15-20 minutes)

Herbal Toothpaste: Mix 2 tsp.Bicarbonate soda (baking soda), 1tsp coconut oil and a squeeze of lemon juice into a paste. Apply to teeth as a paste, leave for 1 minute and gently brush the teeth and rinse. Sodium bicarbonate is mildly abrasive and will gently scrub away stains to whiten teeth and the coconut oil is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial which is great for oral hygiene. Once per week use a blend of activated charcoal and coconut oil, brush for 2 minutes then wait a further 5 minutes before rinsing. (2 minutes)

Natural deodorant: The average underarm deodorant contains up to forty different chemicals and is introduced directly into the Lymph nodes under the armpits. Use either bicarbonate soda to neutralise underarm odours or a natural rock crystal deodorant. If you wear perfume or aftershave, spray it to the outer layers of your clothing and not directly onto the skin. (30 seconds)

Dry Brushing: Choose a firm but not too stiff bristle brush or loafer, before showering, brush your entire body (including the soles of your feet) moving in strokes towards the heart. Start at your feet and work your way up your legs to your arms, chest, back, and stomach. Dry brushing is excellent for circulation and stimulation of the lymphatic system. Try to do at least once per week. (1-3 minutes)

Contrast Showers: Turn the shower to as hot as possible without burning yourself for 30 seconds then turn it to ice cold for 30 seconds, keep alternating between hot and cold for at least five minutes. Alternating between the hot and cold water improves circulation. This can help reduce muscle soreness by moving lactic acid out of the muscle. Contrast showers can also help to detoxify the body and improve the immune system. (5 minutes)

Hair Care: Add 2-3 Tbsp of Himalayan Salt to your organic shampoo for cleaning and mineralization of the hair follicles. For longer, fuller eyelashes, use a mixture of ¼ Aloe Vera, ¼ Castor oil, ½Vitamin E. Apply every night for one month using a mascara eyelash brush

Morning Detox Smoothie: 1.5 cups Leafy Greens (Spinach or Kale), ½ Cucumber, ¼ Avocado, 1 tsp Coconut oil, ½ cup Berries, 2Tbsp Chia seeds, 1 TbspSpirulina Powder, 1 cup homemade Almond milk, 1 Tbsp Lemon juice (2 minutes)

Morning Walk or Run: Walking for even 15 minutes in the morning will improve your circulation, energise you and help clear your mind setting a positive intention for the rest of the day. If you don’t have injuries and want more of a challenge, you could download the ‘COUCH TO 5K’ audio running app that promises to help a complete beginner to be running 5K in under 30 minutes using a gradual 9 week running program. (15-30 minutes)

Breathe: Deep breathing exercisesactivate the para-sympathetic nervous system potentially decreasing inflammation, improving heart health, boosting your immune system and improving longevity. You can download a free app on your smartphone: Pranayama light – Health through breath (1-5 minutes)

Drink Good Quality Water: The quality of water is equally as important as the quantity. Buy water in glass bottles or plastic bottles that are BPA free. Use a water filter if possible and further alkalise water using lemon or lime, pH drops, bicarbonate soda, food grade hydrogen peroxide or magnesium.

Intermittent Fasting 16/8: The 16/8 Intermittent Fast involves fasting for 16 hours. To do this you simply restrict your eating to an 8-10 hour “eating period” where you can fit in 2-3 small meals. Potentially you could stop eating at 8pm, and have your next meal at 12 noon the following day with a smoothie for breakfast when you wake up (liquids are allowed during fasting period)

Chia seeds: These contain an abundance of nutrients including Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium. They are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, protein and antioxidants. They stabilise blood sugar levels, raise energy levels and provide plenty of fibre to enhance the process of detoxification. Simply add to water, smoothies, and salads or create chia seed puddings.

Fermented Foods: These provide beneficial enzymes, B-vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids, and various strains of friendly flora. Fermented foods are essential for optimal digestion, detoxification and immune support. Kim chi, Sauerkraut, pickled ginger and kefir are our favourites.

Add Flaxseed Crackers: 1-2 Tbsp Flaxseeds will deliver enough fibre to keep you regular. Mix 1 cup flaxseeds, ½ cup water, ½ tspHimilayan salt, 2 Tbsp chia seeds, season with chilli or spices and either bake or dehydrate until crunchy.

Add Superfoods: These are the world’s healthiest foods! They’re essentially packed with a higher than average concentration of nutrients — vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, essential fatty acids, etc.

Pre-soak Fruits/Veggies: If you are unable to buy organic, pre-soak fruits and vegetables in warm water with either bicarbonate soda or apple cider vinegar to remove the chemical pesticides from the external layer.

One day Smoothie Cleanse: Give your digestive system a rest and supercharge your nutrition by committing to one day of green smoothies each week. Be sure to add chia seeds, good fats and superfoods to your smoothies.

Massage Cups: Bellabaci anti-cellulite cups includes two silicone cups. These hand-squeezed vacuum suction cups are based on Chinese Cupping. Apply coconut oil to the area to facilitate smooth movement. Begin by squeezing the cup in the middle to create a very light suction. Move the cup over your skin using straight-line, circular and zigzag movements to massage the area for about eight minutes at a time. Drain the area by moving the cup toward the nearest lymph nodes.

Detox your liver: Use Milk Thistle or Glutathione supplements to cleanse and strengthen the liver. If you are brave enough you can also make your own liver flush recipe, to do this consume as much apple juice as possible for at least 2 days. Prepare a jug of water with 3 Tbsp. of Epsom salts and 4 cups of water. Abstain from food from 2pm. Drink a cup of the solution with a dash of lime at 6pm and another at 8pm. At 10pm drink the liver flush mixture – ½ cup of olive oil and ¼ cup of citrus juice(lemon, lime or grapefruit). Immediately lie down in the fetal position on your right side for 20 minutes and then go to sleep. Upon waking the next morning drink another cup of water and Epsom salts and then a final one 2 hours later.

Cleanse Heavy Metals: Use bentonite clay, zeolite, activated charcoal, Chlorella or Spirulina powder as they are powerful chelators of heavy metals.

Natural Sunscreen: Mix ½ cup of Coconut oil, ¼ Cup Beeswax, 2 Tbsp Zinc Oxide and some Vitamin E. To soothe sunburn use a mixture of Baking soda (Bicarbonate soda) mixed in water and then apply fresh Aloe Vera.

Strong Nails: Limit commercial nail products that weaken the nails and instead try a mix of coconut oil, honey and lavender oil applied using a nail polish brush every night before sleep for one month.

Guided Meditation: Finding inner peace in a world of stress is one of the greatest things you can do for your health. Your body can only detoxify when your para-sympathetic nervous system is activated and meditation is a wonderful way to achieve the relaxed state necessary to activate it.

Detox Bath: Want to sleep like a baby? Add one cup of Epsom salts (Magnesium sulphate or Magnesium Chloride can be used), 1/2 cup of Bicarbonate soda (baking soda), and 5-10 drops of Lavender oil to your bathwater and soak for at least 20 minutes before bed.

Smartphone Detox: Avoid smartphones or television at least one hour before sleep as the glare of the screen with reduce the production of Melatonin.

Gratitude: For every minute of anger you lose 60 seconds of happiness. Gratitude is a way to dissolve any stress that you have picked up throughout the day. Try to focus on at least 3 things that you are grateful for before you sleep each evening.

Sleep: A good nights sleep is one of the most powerful healing modalities available. Make your bedroom a tranquil sanctuary that is only there for rest, relaxation, sex or sleep. Be sure to make sure your room is nice and dark so that your body will produce adequate levels of melatonin. Aim for 7-9 hours of good quality sleep per night.

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