Safety & Health Administration (SHA Plus+)

Information correct as of the 23rd July 2021

As part of the government’s plan to reopen Phuket to foreign travelers, the Thai government has introduced the Phuket SandBox Program. Under the new conditions, COVID-19 Vaccinated Travelers will not need to quarantine but can only stay in an SHA+ accredited hotel.

The ‘SHA’ logo certifies that venues and businesses have public health measures in place for COVID-19, while the ‘Plus’ sign confirms that more than 70% of employees in the organisation are fully vaccinated under the ‘Phuket Must Win’ vaccination programme.

Who is Eligible to travel under the Phuket Sandbox Program?

Vaccinated Travelers ( 14 Days to 1 Year Before the date of Arrival) from Low and Medium Risk Countries (As per the listing of The Ministry of Public Health in Thailand). In addition, the traveler has to have been staying in these countries for not less than 21 Days prior to the date of Departure.

The Vaccine type has to be accepted by either The Ministry of Public Health in Thailand or The WHO (World Health organization).

What documents do I need to travel to Phuket?

3 COVID-19 Tests Payment Receipt (Arrival at airport, day 6 and day 12)

Negative PCR test result within 72 Hours Before Departure

Insurance Covering at least 100,000 USD against COVID 19 Treatment expenses

SHABA Confirmation Letter with QR Code from a SHA Plus Hotel (We provide this)

COE from Thai Embassy (Certificate of Entry)

Passport Copy

Vaccination Proof

Flight Itinerary

Visa (If Required)

Other important guidelines

All travelers must Download and Activate the Thailand Plus Application on their Phones to keep updated on the COVID-19 situation in Phuket

Guests will undergo COVID-19 tests during their Stay at their own cost (the amount of tests depends on the length of stay). The First test will be conducted at the Airport upon arrival, the Second test will be conducted on Day 6 and the third test will be on Day 12. The Second and the third tests will be conducted in specified Locations.


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