‘Yes’ Christian school for underprivileged migrant children Help us to give back to these local children in need

The goodwill and heartfelt kindness shown by the Amity guests over the past 5 years has been substantial for the ‘Yes’ Christian school for underprivileged migrant children located here in Rawai. If you are travelling light and have a little extra space in your suitcase, the children are in desperate needs of donations (new or used).

They especially need: Pens, Pencils, Rulers, Coloring Books, Note Pads, Pencil Cases, Educational Books, Alphabet charts, Stationary of any kind, Tooth brushes, children’s clothing (especially age 3-10), toiletries, toys, games etc.

Amity regularly sponsors the children’s lunch program and we make sure every child has a gift to open on Christmas day. They are wonderful children and we truly appreciate all of the kind donations, volunteers, support and generosity!


We love animals and unfortunately Phuket is home to a large number of stray dogs and cats. We have a simple Charity draw at Amity to raise money for the Bodhi Dog Rescue Shelter and for Rawai Animal Lovers.

Bodhi Dog Rescue Shelter The Bodhi Dog Rescue Shelter is home to more than 100 dogs.

They rescue street dogs that are sick, injured, starving, in danger of being poisoned, or otherwise in a bad condition of neglect. They do their best to find foster homes, house them at the shelter or adopt them out to loving families.


Rawai Animal Lovers (RAL) Simone began feeding stray dogs and cats at Rawai temple in 2005.

She works together with the local monks and Soi dog foundation working tirelessly to try to get food, medicines and sterilisation to as many strays as possible.