Cleanse the Colon, Heal the Gut and Support the Immune System


Colonic Irrigation does not completely “strip” the gut. It is a gentle procedure that stimulates the natural peristalsis of the colon to stimulate defecation, which can directly influence the fecal microbiome, but, unlike harsh laxatives or other pharmaceutical medications, does not dislodge, dissolve or degrade the delicate gut lining and its primary mucosal microbiome Continue Reading

Natural Nutrition for Menopause


What joys can the menopause spectrum bring? – 85% of women experience a number of the following symptoms: Night sweats, weight gain, cravings, mood swings, hot flashes, dry hair, fatigue, thyroid issues, sleep issues, vaginal dryness, chills, slowed metabolism, loss of breast fullness, bone loss, less stress resilience. Continue Reading

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