Additional Well-being Therapies

Whilst detoxing your physical body, it is the perfect opportunity to seek to heal yourself emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Working with and removing what no longer serves you, to enable you to live to your highest potential on all levels.

At Amity Wellness, you have the opportunity to work with some the world’s leading therapists. Resident Feature Therapists and Visiting Practitioners are available to help you on the path to your complete wellbeing. Also available are leading technologies to promote the acceleration of your physical detoxification.

Nutritional Consultations

Hayden Rhodes

High Performance Coach / International Wellness Speaker

Hayden Rhodes has worked alongside professional athletes, celebrities and even rock stars in a holistic lifestyle coaching career that has taken him around the world. He is known to inspire both the young and the not so young, to perform at their best and embrace balancing life, work and play.

Craig Burton

Clinical Nutrition

Craig Burton is a clinical nutritionist and holistic health coach with over 20 years’ experience working in the industry. His unique approach to transforming client’s health, body composition and wellbeing includes naturally addressing: hormonal imbalances, digestive system dysfunction, toxicity, vitamin and mineral deficiencies through an individually optimized diet, lifestyle, and supplement plan.

Ai Jerome

Clinical Nutrition And Nutrition Counseling

Ai Jerome (APD) is a registered Dietitian and Nutritionist of Australia and has been working in clinical nutrition and nutrition counseling for more than 14 years, in Australia, Hong Kong and Thailand. Her background is diverse – she has worked in food consulting and menu development for hotels, spas, schools and private yachts, and consulted to hundreds of patients in private practice, clinical dietetics (hospitals), public health nutrition and nutrition research for the University of Sydney.

Blood Analysis

Blood Analysis Comprehensive Panel

Blood Test And Clinical Results Only

Amity Wellness has teamed up with a local pathology clinic to offer Blood Analysis Screening

Raw Food Training

Raw Food Chef

Bee Yaikampod

Are you curious about how we make our Raw Foods taste so sensational? Our Raw food workshops will introduce you to the world of raw cuisine, teaching you a variety of easy-to-prepare delicious recipes. We have four alternating raw food workshops every Monday so you can attend more than once.

NLP, Hypnotherapy & Mindset Coaching

Clayton Moffat

Hypnotherapeutic, Performance and Results Coaching

Vibrational & Energetic Hypnosis dissolves, solves and resolves emotional traumas, fears, anxiety, stresses, emotional blockages and can completely change your life in a single session.

Sophie Dubus

Energy Healing

Originally from the UK, Sophie has travelled to over 60 countries and experienced different modalities of healing from a variety of cultures. She has practised energy healing for over a decade and has undergone formal training in Shamanic Healing with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, where she has been educated in core shamanism techniques as well as specific techniques from a number of cultures across the world.

Scott Stevenson

Mindset Specialist

Scott is an Internationally renowned Mindset Specialist. He is a former Deputy Headteacher and the first non-medic to be employed by the US Government to work with their Veterans based in Asia. His vast 25 year experience, expanding over 80 countries, includes providing coaching and mentoring to members of the GB Athletics team, the UFC, Central Intelligence Department (CID), the British NHS, Wellbeing Retreats, Hollywood actors and Royalty.

Spiritual Development, Reiki & Energy Work

Simon Sutherland

Energy Healing

Formerly successfully worked in the fast pace London corporate world until a recurring dream in his early 30’s lead to transformation both physically and spiritually. This transformation guided him to learn new fascinating techniques that cleared the fog in his brain which catapulted him to Thailand where he worked at the 1st detox centre in Phuket.

Anna Petrovska


Anna is a passionate Yoga Teacher, Holistic Practitioner, Somatic Bodywork Therapist, Reiki Master, Biodinamic Breath Worker and Transpersonal Emotional Coach.

Marco Economides

Emotional Therapy

Marco Economides has been working in the field of integrative therapies and subtle energies for more than 10 years. He has trained and practiced within an interdisciplinary group of medical practitioners and psychotherapists specialized in integrating medical applications with holistic therapies.

Structural Kinetics & Integrative Bodywork

Ben Carter

Integrative Bodywork

Structural Kinetics sessions have brought miraculous results to many 100’s of Amity’s guests in the past since 2011, and many more 1000’s around the world, with 90% of issues being resolved after only 1 session. Best of all it can be also used if you are feeling just out of place, twisted or wonky, or better yet as preventative care to put you back in correct alignment and ensure that you are working as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Brian Kendell

Re-alignment Sessions & Deep Tissue Massage

Brian is a Canadian trained multidisciplinary practitioner with over twenty years clinical experience who specializes in Biomechanical Rehabilitation. Through a variety of techniques involving Deep Tissue Massage Therapy, Pelvic Stabilization and spinal adjustment as well as many others, Bio­mechanical. Rehabilitation brings swift and predictable recovery of musculoskeletal dysfunction and biomechanical imbalances.

Sarunya Samutsarun


Sarunya graduated her Physiotherapy degree in 2009, and since then she’s been working at Bangkok Phuket hospital, Orthopedic clinic and Physiotherapy clinic in Phuket.

Meditation & Mindfulness & Breathwork

Ksenia Mochalova

Guided Meditation

The journey of Yoga and meditation can be a long and winded path. When you are thinking whether to walk on it or once you’ve already made your steady and important steps, a good thing to remember is listen to your inner Self.

Nitikarn Thachina

Re-alignment Sessions &Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation

The story of using singing bowls to utilise sound and vibration energy spans back to ancient history. Evidence has been found from ancient Egyptian texts from 5500 years ago mentioning the use of Faience to create Quartz Faience bowls. These bowls were used to cure diseases in ancient times.

Maria Curtin

Health & Wellness Coach

Movement breath and mobility is the absolute fountain of YOUTH. A less-than-optimal breathing pattern causes tension and immobility. Immobility and tension prevents optimal breathing.

Bastian Lai

Breathwork Instructor

Bastian is certified PADI (staff instructor – number 287780) and CMAS. He has been teaching diving for more than 10 years. He is the owner of DIVE DIFFERENT (WORLD) Ltd in Phuket. Bastian is also a free diver and a highly knowledgeable skillful and caring swimming and water fitness Instructor. His passion for aquatics, his knowledge about different swimming styles and his commitment to the safety makes him comfortable managing students of various ages and backgrounds each session.

Chi Nei Tsang, Chinese Medicine & Arvigo Technique

David Mioduski

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

David George Mioduski is a Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, specializing in Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Cupping, and Chinese Medical Massage. He was trained in the United States and China, and holds a degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. He has 14 years of experience treating a wide variety of people globally.

Timmy Akkhalamaneeroj

Chi Nei Tsang, KarsaiNei Tsang, TokSen Master Practitioner

Khun Timmy has a deep cultivation of the palpating touch that is neccessary to detect imbalance in one’s body. She has also upped the ante in the evolution of CNT and KNT. The session may include healing modaliaties such as cupping and “Tok Sen”.

Lisa Levine

Arvigo Therapist

As the only Arvigo® Practitioner and Self-Care Teacher in South East Asia, Lisa, is passionate about sharing these techniques; as she has seen life changing results both personally and professionally.

Private Yoga

Kim White

Yoga – Meditation – Yoga Nidra

Kim White embarked on her Yogic journey in early childhood. After many years of practical training, Kim’s path would cross two teachers; one whom showed her the deeper practice of asanas , pranayama, and the philosophical and practical basis of the Patanjali.

Kirstin Gourlay

Yoga & Meditation

STRESS…. The biggest killer of our time! Internal, external, physical, mental, emotional, biological … It’s impossible to avoid. Learn & experience how to hack the nervous system to heal the body through diffrent ways of activating the parasypathetic nervous system.

Personal Training, Fitness

Nico Meyer

Thai Boxing

Muay Thai is Thailand’s national sport and deeply embedded in the history and culture of the country. Muay Thai utilizes 8 limbs to attack. Instead of just punching and kicking, Muay Thai fighters are able to use deadly knee and elbow attacks to hurt their opponents. In addition, Muay Thai fighters are also masters at clinching (stand-up grappling) and are able to throw their opponents to the ground.

Total Body Resistance (TRX) Suspension Trainer

Develop Strength, Balance, Flexibility and Core Stability

TRX which stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise, is revolutionary workout method that uses your body weight and gravity as resistance to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability. You can actually do hundreds of exercises with this fantastic portable piece of equipment.

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