Raw Living Food Cleansing

If you want more energy to focus on your fitness goals then you may choose to participate in our Raw Cleanse program specially designed to offer fresh, organic nutrient dense raw and living foods that can re-energize your body, strengthen your immune system, provide an abundance of energy, detoxify your body and offer optimal nutritional health and vitality. We also have raw food workshops available demonstrating and educating you in raw and living food preparation.

Why Is Raw Food Important?

Cooking food not only destroys all of the live enzymes but can actually chemically change food creating acidic toxins, mutagens, free-radicals and carcinogens. As we get older, we start losing the alkaline bicarbonates in our blood that are able to neutralize excess acids created by stress, poor diet, pollution and aging. The result of eating a majority cooked diet will be acidic toxins backing up in the digestive tract resulting in an overall more acidic pH level, this means the cells get less oxygen and the body become more susceptible to disease, infection and other illnesses.

Gluten Free
Dairy Free
Soy Free
Sugar Free
GMO Free
Trans Fat Free

Here are some of our raw food favourites

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