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Energy Healing, Reiki & Spiritual Development are all offered at the Amity Wellness Detox Retreat in Phuket, Thailand

Use Reiki, Crystal Sound bowl therapy, Energy Healing, Breath Work and Aromatherapy to help unlock emotions and allow for deep relaxation and healing. These healing modalities work together more powerfully for balancing the energy of the chakras.

Through developing awareness of the mind-body connection and using specific interventions, spiritual development helps you to release the tension, anger, frustration and other emotions that remain in your body from past negative experiences.

Energy Healing, Reiki & Spiritual Development are all offered at the Amity Wellness


Reiki Attunements – Quantum Healing

Step into the realm of quantum healing with Simon, a dedicated practitioner of energy medicine. With a deep understanding of the subtle energies that permeate the universe, Simon offers transformative Reiki healing sessions designed to restore balance and vitality to your mind, body, and spirit.

Trained in the ancient art of Reiki, Simon combines traditional techniques with cutting-edge insights from quantum psychics to facilitate healing on a profound level.

During his sessions, Simon works with the universal life force energy to clear blockages, release stagnant energy, and promote holistic well-being. Whether you seek relief from physical discomfort, emotional stress, or simply wish to enhance your overall vitality, Simon’s gentle touch and intuitive guidance will support you on your healing journey.

Experience the transformative power of quantum energy healing with Simon.

Rediscover your innate potential for health and vitality as you realign with the harmonious flow of life energy. Book your Reiki healing session with Simon today and embark on a journey of profound healing and self-discovery.

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Sound Healing

Michelle’s journey into sound healing began unexpectedly after a traumatic event in 2018 turned her world upside down.

chakra balancing sound healing

brain entrainment sound healing

Despite her academic qualifications in Nutrition, Health Management, the Gut Microbiome, and Functional Medicine, she found herself seeking solutions and emotional healing in unconventional places. It was during this personal healing journey that Michelle discovered the profound impact of Sound Healing and Somatic Practices on her own well-being.

Inspired by her transformative experience, Michelle immersed herself in the study of sound healing, delving deep into this ancient modality to expand her knowledge and skills. Through extensive training, she honed her ability to harness the healing power of sound vibrations, using them to facilitate relaxation, release emotional blockages, and promote overall wellness. Now, Michelle is passionate about sharing this gift with others, guiding them on their own journeys of healing and self-discovery through the transformative practice of sound healing.

Indulge in the serene harmony of the Himalayan Singing Bowls. Let the soothing vibrations of ancient Tibetan singing bowls restore balance to your mind, body, and spirit. Experience deep relaxation and energetic alignment.

Through specially crafted sound frequencies, synchronize your brainwaves for deep meditation and profound healing. Immerse yourself in this powerful para-sympathetic modality to reduce stress, improve sleep, and enhance focus, experiencing heightened states of consciousness and inner peace.

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Integrative Healing

With over 15 years of experience spanning multiple prestigious resorts across the globe, Narucha brings a wealth of expertise to every session.

Narucha offers sessions in:

Tok sen ACUPRESSURE massage (90 min)

Chi nei tsang abdominal massage (1 hr)

Private sound healing session (1hr)

Narucha specializes in a range of holistic therapies, including abdominal massage with Tok Sen and Chi Nei Tsang, two ancient healing techniques rooted in traditional Thai medicine.

Through her sessions, Narucha aims to guide her clients towards physical, mental, and emotional balance, drawing on her expertise to address specific concerns and promote overall well-being.

Passionately, she takes a personalized approach to each client, carefully tailoring her treatments to suit individual needs and preferences. Her warm demeanor and compassionate nature create a welcoming space where clients can feel at ease and fully supported on their wellness journey.

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Shamanic Healing

Prepare for a profound journey of healing and transformation as Sam unveils your hidden potential. From exploring consciousness in the Himalayan foothills to discovering the ancient wisdom of Shamanism, Sam’s journey has been one of self-discovery. Trained in core shamanic healing techniques, Usui Reiki, and mindfulness meditation, Sam offers a unique and personalized experience.

His greatest joy comes from seeing people reclaim their power and awaken to self-awareness.

Sam specializes in:

Soul Retrieval: Restore lost fragments of your soul to return to wholeness.

Power Animal Retrieval: Restore lost personal power and connect with compassionate spirits.

Extraction Healing: Safely remove negative energies for spiritual wellness.

Tuvan Drum Healing: Facilitate healing through therapeutic rhythms and vibrational resonance.

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki: Experience deep relaxation, stress relief, and emotional support.

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Energy Healing

I am Mairead Fagan, and I was born in Ireland. Having a deep intuition and a knowingness from an early age I have always been a seeker and found myself increasingly drawn to healing. I have since trained with the best mentors and teachers over the last 13 years across Ireland, France, and Thailand, where I have been living the last 2 years, I am qualified to Master level in the healing modules of Reiki, Seichim, and Magnified Healing.

Reiki Energy healing session

Feel Grace and access the Divine Feminine inside of you

In my healing I work with the Divine Feminine, and the beautiful energy of Grace. The Grace energy is special and comes from a high place. It is gentle yet powerful, and when we tap into it, can enable, and heighten compassion, wisdom, and unconditional love.

When this beautiful energy is present it allows you to access the vast healing and intuitive power of your own heart. The purity of it enables you to vibrate at a much higher level and to gain insight into your true potential and know the best way ahead on your life path.

When we connect with our heart we can surrender fearlessly and let go of what is not serving us, thus reconnecting with who we truly are. You will always get what it is you need at the time, and it can be profoundly healing and even life changing.

At the beginning of our meeting, we will talk about your concerns and what insight you would like to gain at this time. My energy healing sessions help on all levels of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual realms. I work with what presents itself in the present time to allow you to live a more fulfilled life in the future. There will be a clearing of any old lower vibrational energy that is holding you back from your authentic self, along with chakra balancing and a cleanse of your aura. My clients’ often go away with feelings of inner peace, clarity, and lightness after the session.

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Sukkai (Teep)

Ancient Integrative Healing Massage

Rooted in the Thai Forest Buddhist Tradition of Theravada lineage for two decades, Sukkai’s journey began with learning massage techniques from his family and providing chiropractic adjustments in his neighborhood from the tender age of 7.

Embracing monkhood later in life, Sukkai encountered a Monk-Teacher who furthered his training, imparting knowledge of body alignment through massage and tok-sen. Steeped in tradition, these ancient techniques have been passed down through generations of monks, each contributing to their preservation and refinement.

Sukkai’s profound intuitive understanding of the body and mind stems from 20 years of daily vipassana and anapanasati meditation. His path led him on a seven-year pilgrimage through the rugged landscapes of North and North-Eastern Thailand, where he traversed jungle, caves, and forests, confronting fears and mastering the art of self-discipline.

Today, Sukkai’s holistic approach to healing reflects the culmination of his rich experiences and deep wisdom, offering clients a transformative journey towards physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

At the heart of these healing massage sessions lies the application of Toksen, Gua Sha, Bamboo, and cupping, targeting specific points and pathways in the optimization of nerve function in the spine, joints, and organs, promoting overall vitality and balance.

With each stroke and application of these specialized tools, you’ll experience a profound sense of relaxation, release, and rejuvenation. The sessions are tailored to address your unique needs, whether you seek relief from chronic pain, stress reduction, or simply a deeper connection with your body

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Remote Sessions Only


Soul Reading (Online)

Melanie’s path to holistic healing began after experiencing profound loss and questioning the depth of her own existence. Leaving behind her familiar life, she embarked on a decade-long adventure spanning over 40 countries, immersing herself in the study and practice of holistic medicines.

azaya soul print reading (online)

With humility, love, and compassion, Melanie dedicates herself to guiding others towards self-healing, serving humanity with her vast knowledge and transformative practices.

Embark on a transformative journey with Azaya Soul Print Readings, now available online. This personalized consultation provides a complete blueprint of your soul, inviting you to respond intuitively to 105 heart-centered questions.

Receive a detailed diagnosis and two digital guidebooks tailored to your unique blueprint, offering precise action plans to understand and address any energy blockages or discomforts. By restoring balance to your energy system, you’ll revitalize to optimum levels, equipped with ancient techniques and tools for self-healing.

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