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Energy Healing, Reiki & Spiritual Development are all offered at the Amity Wellness Detox Retreat in Phuket, Thailand

Use Reiki, Crystal Sound bowl therapy, Energy Healing, Breath Work and Aromatherapy to help unlock emotions and allow for deep relaxation and healing. These healing modalities work together more powerfully for balancing the energy of the chakras.

Through developing awareness of the mind-body connection and using specific interventions, spiritual development helps you to release the tension, anger, frustration and other emotions that remain in your body from past negative experiences.

Energy Healing, Reiki & Spiritual Development are all offered at the Amity Wellness



Reiki Attunements – Quantum Healing – Bikram Yoga

Formerly successfully worked in the fast pace London corporate world until a recurring dream in his early 30’s lead to transformation both physically and spiritually. This transformation guided him to learn new fascinating techniques that cleared the fog in his brain which catapulted him to Thailand.

His major awakening came in the physical form of a road traffic accident which attracted a hospital super bug infection, MRSA, in his tibia bone. Surgeons were keen to amputate his left leg on numerous occasion but Simon resisted this as he was convinced the healing modalities he had learnt would work. After 4yrs of battling with superbug and surgeons requesting to amputate his leg, he saved his leg and again defied the surgeons 100% prediction that he would never walk unaided again. Not only can he walk and run unaided, he can stand on the one leg for sustained periods of time which motivated him to certify as a Bikram teacher.


These powerful healing sessions incorporate all of the modalities Simon learnt and used during his motionless years in hospital. He used Reiki energy, ho’opono healing technique and mindfulness meditation which he has proven to be successful in his own healing journey.


In this unique energy session not only experience the effectiveness of Reiki, simultaneously the Power and intelligence of the Soulvanna symbol will also be channeled. This unique combination of energy focus and intention will certainly be an eye opener for non believers. For those that do, enjoy the experience this fusion of talent and disciplines of channeling energy.

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Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation by NITIKARN THACHINA in Phuket, Thailand

Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation

The story of using singing bowls to utilise sound and vibration energy spans back to ancient history. Evidence has been found from ancient Egyptian texts from 5500 years ago mentioning the use of Faience to create Quartz Faience bowls. These bowls were used to cure diseases in ancient times.


There is another type of bowl made from metals such as gold, copper, nickel, antimony, and zinc. Such bowls are part of an ancient Tibetan tradition that has passed on to modern day.

Uses of singing bowls

Creates and generates positive energy flow (chi) for the user, area, and listeners

Influences the mind to a serene and peaceful state important to holistic health

Sounds from the bowl helps calm and focuses the mind leading to discipline

Increases mental sharpness and imagination to visualise goals

Increases mental strength both in left and right hemisphere to improve memory and creativity. Useful for architects, students, and artists

Cleanses, mends, and strengthens your aura to protect your body from illnesses

Cleanses and activates your chakras, healing your organs corresponding to that chakra. (Each bowl has it’s own frequency corresponding to a different chakra. Your main 7 chakras correspond to different parts of your body)

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NARUCHA PIBOON Chi Nei Tsang Therapy - Tok Sen Abdominal Massage - Himalayan Sound Bowl Healing


Narucha has 15 years of experience in multiple Resorts in Maldives, Egypt, Mauritius ,India, Sri lanka, and Thailand.

Narucha offers sessions in:

Abdominal therapeutic massage with Tok Sen

Sound Healing Session

Personal message from Narucha

Banyan Tree Resort, Chiva Som Health Resort and Jangala Sound Healing School have shaped me into a holistic therapist I proudly am now.

Blending my whole life knowledge and experience in Thai healing massage, Chi Nei Tsang, Tok-sen and Himalayan art of sound healing therapy I am holding a goal of personalized improvement of wellbeing and creating harmony of body, mind and spirit.

I offer two treatments combining techniques of vibration bowl, Tok-Sen(woodle acupressure), Loincloth stretching and elements of craniosacral therapy.

I work on three major systems: lymphatic – for deep, fast healing and great detoxification, digestive – to improve stomach and colon health and nervous – to help signals flow freely from brain into whole body.

After analyzing the condition of each person individually I recommend the treatment and target area, e.g.: headaches, digestive issues, movement discomfort, emotional misbalance.

The results I achieve with my treatment: on the physical level – cleansing of the colon, muscle & joint mobility, reduced water retention. On the level of Mind: stress release, improvement of sleep, reduced anxiety and harmony of the energy flow.

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