Amity Wellness Founder

Founder of Amity Wellness Detox Retreat Phuket, Thailand

Michelle Cooper

Michelle Cooper is a health and wellness entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry.

Michelle founded Amity Wellness in 2012. She wanted to create a secluded wellness retreat in Phuket where people could withdraw from the hustle, bustle and stresses of everyday life, a place where people could transform their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body using specialised holistic detoxification protocols.

Michelle used her experience gained from working in the Health and Wellness industry combined with her education in holistic health, functional medicine, detoxification, and nutrition to create an exceptional program that offers profound and life changing results.

Over the last decade Michelle has personally supervised thousands of cleanses and wellness programs, please take a moment to read our Trip Advisor reviews to see how valuable the process of detoxification can be and the impact it can make in a persons life.

Michelle spent over 6 years personally training and working side by side with Palida and the Amity team of professionals until her journey led her back to Europe when she decided to start a family and to complete her studies in functional medicine.

Palida has been managing Amity Wellness for 4 years and is the owner of the beautiful boutique resort where it is located. I guarantee you will instantly fall in love with Palida and her knowledge, expertise, experience, warm nature and great sense of humour will support, motivate, inspire and encourage you to succeed every step of the way.

Michelle currently resides in Europe but still works attentively with the Amity manager’s and wonderful wellness consultants on a daily basis. She also frequently returns to Thailand throughout the year to visit the Amity team and the wonderful guests and of course to cleanse her own body and mind.

Michelle and Palida meticulously recruited a team of world-class coaches and therapists who offer private sessions and therapies upon request

Michelle is also the founder of Body Mind Detox, which is her private Health consultancy business.

If you are a current, previous or pre-booked guest at Amity Wellness then you can join the private Facebook group designed to present an array of Holistic Health resources that can provide invaluable information to support you in reaching your long tem goals and towards rebalancing your body, mind and spirit.

professional experience

Anatomy and Physiology
Functional Medicine Practitioner
Health & Social Care Management
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner
Nutrition and Health: Human Microbiome
Clinical Methylation and Nutrigenomics
Precision Nutrition Coaching
Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
Raw Nutrition Coach
Detox Specialist
Sports Science
Neuro Linguistic Practitioner

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