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Simple Ways To Detoxify Your Body Of Heavy Metals

People are increasingly looking for ways that can help them live healthier and longer lives, lose weight and rid their bodies of harmful substances that may be damaging their internal organs and body tissues. There are different types of substances that we are exposed to daily that can quickly accumulate in the body and, in turn, cause us harm. Heavy metals is a topic often discussed, but many people do not thoroughly understand what heavy metals are, how these toxins affect their body, and how they can effectively detox their body of the heavy metals that they have been exposed to.

Heavy Metal Toxins: What Are They And Why Should You Care?

Heavy metals are toxins that can harm the body, but we usually do not pay much attention to these toxins as they gradually build up in our bodies and do not cause sudden symptoms in most cases. There are different definitions available regarding what heavy metals are exactly, which often makes it hard to define what should be classified as heavy metal.

In one scientific publication, heavy metal toxins are classified into four categories:



 Transition metals


The publication also explains that the topic of heavy metals is ill-defined. The majority of scientific research data suggests that almost any type of metallic substance can be categorized as heavy metals, with some common types being zinc, lead, and copper. Nickel, cadmium, mercury, and many other heavy metals also exist.

The reason we should be concerned about heavy metals in the environment is that they can lead to a series of adverse health effects. For example, when exposed to arsenic, which can leak into drinking water, cell respiration may start to malfunction. This heavy metal toxin can also lead to cell enzyme malfunction. Lead can damage lipid membranes in the body and causes oxidative stress. Antioxidant activity in the body is also significantly reduced through the exposure of lead.

Exposure to heavy metals does not only affect a person directly, but in pregnant women, a toxin like mercury can cause the unborn child to develop neurological disorders. Behavioral changes may also occur among those who are exposed to mercury chronically.

How To Detox Heavy Metals

Different strategies have been introduced to assist in detoxifying the body of heavy metals that have accumulated. Among individuals with more serious heavy metal toxicity, the use of Chelation therapy is sometimes utilized, but this may yield adverse effects. Side-effects of Chelation therapy may include headaches, nausea, convulsions, low blood pressure, trouble breathing, a burning sensation at the injection region, fevers, and chills.

Due to these side-effects, scientists are looking into ways how supplements, plant-based phytonutrients, and other natural dietary substances could be used as an alternative to assist with detoxifying the body of these heavy metal toxins, and to prevent the further accumulation of heavy metals in the body of individuals considered to be at a higher risk.

One study explains that there are numerous vitamins and other supplements that can be utilized to successfully reduce the build-up of heavy metals in the human body. The study categorizes the dietary supplements that can be used as follow:


 Essential metals



 Edible plants

They explain that these supplements are especially effective in treating the accumulation of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium.

The essential metals that may have a protective effect on the body include:






Furthermore, the study explains that deficiencies of specific vitamins have been found to increase the body’s sensitivity to heavy metal toxins. Thus, supplementation with vitamin B6, vitamin B1, and vitamin C may be beneficial in reducing the effects that heavy metals may have on the human body. Vitamin E is also important for reducing the oxidative stress that these heavy metals have on the liver, as well as other particular areas of the body.

Edible plants that may be beneficial for the treatment of heavy metal toxicity in the human body include:




 Curry leaf



Additionally, the same study found that drinking green tea may be beneficial in detoxifying the body from the heavy metal toxins that might have accumulated in the body, due to the high antioxidant activity exhibited by green tea leaves.

Final Thoughts

Heavy metals are all around us, and we are exposed to these toxic materials on a daily basis. As heavy metals accumulate in our bodies, it eventually leads to damage and a range of potential adverse effects, which can make us tired, lethargic, and cause many other symptoms. Fortunately, it is possible to detoxify the human body of heavy metals in a safe way; thus restoring the body to a state where these heavy metals are not causing continuous harm anymore.

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