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“Lifestyle influenced cancers, diabetes, heart disease, and depression top the league of diseases in modern societies but not in more traditionally organized communities.”—World Health Organization

Our hunter-gatherer ancestors didn’t experience the same rates of heart disease, obesity, and depression that modern people do.

Cavemen had other problems to take care of. For example, the necessity of finding food, and fending off real beasts—beasts that could’ve made him a snack if he didn’t watch his back (true story).

Primal living refers to a return to caveman-era eating habits, exercise, and behavior. It is all about taking cues from the way our ancestors lived and adopting a lifestyle that complements our basic biology.

Primary living encompasses all aspects of life, from how you move and interact with others to how you sleep and embrace nature. Still, the most crucial element is what we eat, and maybe how we eat it.

The primal diet is based on the book “The Primal Blueprint,” which was created by Mark Sisson in 2009. Mark developed the plan following years being a world-class endurance athlete. His drive was to stay healthy and in shape once he was unable to commit long hours of training in the gym.

A primal lifestyle is based on eating a primal diet. That is, eating foods that primitive humans would have eaten. It insists that people eat raw, unprocessed foods, including fruits, vegetables, and specific oils. By going primal, they say, your peace of mind will improve, and you will keep illnesses at bay.

The significance of going back to our roots is a combination of various health benefits. For example, improvement in psychological and physical health. Primal lifestyle increases stamina and boosts the strength of our defense systems. So, let’s look at what a primal lifestyle needs you to do to become naturally fit and healthy:

Eating Nutrient-Dense Foods That Will Fuel Your Body and Not Tax It

Avoid grains, refined sugars and processed oils (rancid oils) as they are nutrient-deficient, high in toxins, and empty nutrients. Primal diets come down to eating organic plants and animals.

Consume leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables, nuts, berries, roots, tubers, sea vegetables, herbs, and spices. Considering animals, eat organic ostrich, eggs, bison, chicken, lamb and pasture-raised beef. If you decide to include dairy in your diet, ensure it’s from grass-fed animals and preferably fermented.

Managing Chronic Stress

Chronic stress can harm your immune system, physical health, and mental health. Notwithstanding, acute stressors train your body to grow stronger and overcome anxiety. Note that, a lot of things can be quantified in terms of stress. Exercise itself is a stressor.

Optimum workouts can boost your core strength, and build muscle mass. But, too much exercise without adequate rest and optimized recovery becomes a chronic stressor—and that’s the last thing you want it to happen in your body.

Strength Training

Everybody needs strength training. Specifically, the elderly and women should train hard as they are at a higher risk of getting osteoporosis.  Lean muscle mass in happy tandem with organ reserve are key characteristics of both normal health and longevity.

Prioritizing Sleep

Without enough sleep, you can’t recover sufficiently from your workouts. It even becomes hard to consolidate memories or learn new skills when you have a sleeping problem.

Loss of sleep can make your health suffer, decrease your body resistance to diseases, and spike insulin levels. The result is hunger and cravings for junks. Moreover, sleeplessness is linked to cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

Avoiding Chronic Cardio Workouts

According to proponents of primal living, we didn’t evolve to run miles at a go. And sweat for hours in the gym. If anything, over-exercising may cause depletion of muscle tone, lower immunity and cause premature aging. Mark Sisson recommends lots of slow movements, since we didn’t run for miles during Stone Age.

Sit Less and Keep Moving

The human body is made for walking. However, modern jobs take a lot of our time, so we end up leading a sedentary lifestyle.  For example, we sit for long hours in offices and relax in our cars when leaving office.

The primal living recommends that you balance sitting and walking since our bodies respond very well to walking. To give you a few ideas, take a walk to lunch, or take 5-minute walking breaks after every hour.

Are There Benefits of Primal Living?

By living a life close to that of early man you can improve digestion. Primal living can help with metabolism-related disorders, decrease headaches and enhance mental clarity. By increasing insulin sensitivity, stone-age lifestyle can help to reset and improve your body’s ability to utilize glucose.

Additionally, this kind of lifestyle is beneficial to your skin—nourishes it from the inside, making it glow, as you will be eating healthy food. And most importantly it can help to increase your stamina and ability to control your whole body.

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