How to Crush Your Goals, Create a Workspace That Fuels Productivity

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A poorly organized workspace may be causing you and your workmates stress. Whether you are self-employed or have a 9 to 5 office job, you need to structure your workplace to be the place that concentrates your abilities to be a productivity beast.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, full time employees spend averagely 8.44 hours per day, at their workplace.

A report by The Conference Board revealed that, currently, 53% of Americans are disgruntled, yet “busy” at work. That’s a whopping half the country’s workforce unhappy! By being busy means, they are doing things, unlike being productive which means getting things done.

According to Leigh Branham, author of The Hidden Reasons Employees Leave, 89% of bosses believe employees leave because they want a salary increment. Unfortunately, just 12% stop working with an organization for money. So, what makes the other 88% throw in the towel?—that’s a topic for another day.

But, if you work with a company that has systems that work for you—systems that make you feel in control and excited about your job? I bet you will be much happier and infinitely more productive than you are now. Still, anybody can accomplish that.

Hello Bosses?

Are you informed of the time your employees are wasting moving up and down? Or why employees are quitting faster than they get hired? Very few employees can answer these questions; it all boils down to operational efficiency.

More important than perks, is a workspace that supports positivity and productivity. By establishing certain habits, you will amaze everybody (yourself included) of what you can accomplish on a daily, monthly, or lifetime level.

To create a workspace you look forward to coming to every day, and maximize the time put to work, adopt these success strategies:

1.    Make It Clutter-Free

According to research, a tidy, and simplified workspace improves productivity for everyone. Additionally, it affects your relationship with fellow workers, since, many people believe a cluttered desk equals to a cluttered mind.

Always keep your desk and general office clutter-free to enable you to concentrate on work and less on what’s happening around you. Your desk doesn’t have to be 100% sparse; you only need to ensure that the amount of décor isn’t hindering your ability to get things moving.

Display a handful of pictures in your workspace, and reduce the amount of paperwork.

2.    Make Your Space Comfortable and Ergonomic

If your pocket allows it, consider investing in items that will create a more ergonomic workspace so you can sit comfortably at your desk. And your body will be grateful that you did it.

Every workspace has a few main components: a chair, lighting, a laptop, and a desk. It’s imperative that each item is fitted correctly to comply with your body structure and movement.

It’s of utter importance that you be comfortable while doing work. Invest in a comfortable chair to help you reduce the desk and back pains. Also, if you are using a laptop, on a low-level desk, think about buying a stand for it—consider spicing up your laptop experience with a wireless keyboard.

3.    Plan People Time

People take time. So, don’t schedule a plan to fill every minute. Every job needs face-timing with colleagues and customers. Check on the employees you supervise, listen to calls regarding products and answer emails.

4.    Get Cute Office Supplies and Décor

Small enhancements can make your office vibrant, healthy and more productive. Make work fun by integrating small but beautiful technology into the office. For example, a nice pad, a colorful pen or even a reminder gadget that will serve as a reminder as to why you do the job.

Apart from boosting productivity in the office, plants filter toxins in the air and lower stress. When picking an office plant, consider how much light your office receives, we suggest you consider varieties like snake plants.

5.    Declutter Your Digital Life and Work Smarter

Whip your digital life into shape. Can’t find a file? Well, create a simple file architecture on the cloud to ensure all documents are available on the go! The lesser the folders, the little the time you will waste searching.

On top of that, if you are getting out of focus, shut down notifications to minimize digital interruptions. And attend to the task at hand.

Happy Working!

There’s only one way to change your behavior dramatically: changing your environment dramatically. So, create a workspace that lets you feel your best work self.  Fine-tune your workspace to help you support your goals—let it be the space that fuels your ambitions, gets your creative juices flowing and inspire you and others to work.

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