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Many people set a target weight and upon reaching the goal feel unsure of what to do next, all the momentum and energy can quickly evaporate and then emotional triggers, stress, social events, lack of motivation or any numbers of excuses can open the door wide open to the possibility of re-gaining the weight. So why do people repeat these self-sabotaging patterns? Its because health is a journey and not a numerical destination, the key to sustaining optimal health and vitality is to use unconditional love as the driving force.

Here are the top 5 highly effective strategies for weight loss success:

Weight Loss Strategy 1 – Accept Responsibility

One of the most important steps towards the success of your weight loss is to accept total responsibility for your life. The blame game is a common flaw in human development, it is always easier for us to blame genetics, kids, partners, work commitments, stress, emotions, circumstances, location, social events, hormones, injuries and life’s challenges than to confidently claim responsibility for our choices and behaviors.

Succeeding at healthy weight management requires owning personal responsibility, thinking and acting assertively and consciously avoiding blame or excuses. Congratulate yourself for taking responsibility for your health, take a deep breath and smile, today that someone who is making a decision to better him or herself and get healthier is you!

Remember: The most important promises that you make are to yourself. You can choose to find an excuse or you can choose to find a solution.

Weight Loss Strategy 2 – Value Yourself

Cultivating a nourishing relationship between the body, mind and spirit is truly the key to igniting powerful and lasting change. Self love isn’t about egotism or vanity, you have to truly love and respect yourself so that you can recognise the value of giving yourself the exceptional level of care that you deserve.

You simply cannot punish yourself into healthy weight loss using dis-empowering negative mind-chatter, guilt, low self-esteem or self-hatred. Make friends with your reflection in the mirror and show gratitude for your blessings, change begins by loving and accepting yourself without limitations. Change your mindset and move the focus from weight loss towards the health, vitality and nourishment that you rightfully deserve.

Remember: The demand of stress that you overburden the body with has to be met or exceeded by the quantity of nutrition that you feed the body with.

Weight Loss Strategy 3 – Ditch the Scales

Sometimes it is easy to get so wrapped up in the numbers and focus on the final result instead of embracing the process and choosing to be happy in the now. Health is a journey of learning, self-awareness, personal development and adaptability that you continue to work with your entire life, it’s not a temporary eating plan to reach a numerical destination.

People often have very rigid ideas of what success really means, e.g. I’ll be happy when I weigh 50 KG. What they are really stating is that they will remain miserable until they reach 50KG. We live in a world where people compare themselves with unrealistic body expectations that guarantee that no achievement is ever good enough. Success cannot be achieved from a dis-empowered state, its time to eliminate the self-criticism, embrace every stride of progress and shift the focus to unconditionally loving and nurturing every aspect of your existence without limitations.

Weight Loss Strategy 4 – Create Your Health Code

Many people have great ideas and thoughts but it’s the ones who find a purpose, develop a plan, take action and commit to it with conviction that achieve success. Just as we have values and morals that we commit to that help us to be good people, we should have a health code that we commit to that helps us to stay happy and healthy.

By creating a plan to implement some powerful detoxification techniques, eliminate addictive foods, add stress management techniques, upgrade lifestyle choices and re-evaluate desires you can create momentum to achieve massive change.

Changing your life starts by raising your standards, complete a massive self- assessment and think about as much as you can to make your health code as detailed as possible. This set of guidelines or rituals will remind you of your commitments and allow you to make things happen. Here are some important questions to get you started:

  • What food upgrades can you implement?
  • What exercise or movement will you do?
  • What actions will you take when you feel stressed?
  • What time will you go to sleep?
  • What will your morning ritual be?
  • How much water will you drink?
  • What addictive foods will you replace?
  • What days will you go food shopping? Do you have a list?
  • What supplements will you take?
  • What will you order if you eat out in a restaurant?

Once you have created your health code, memorise it and practice it with consistency everyday to train your mind to create new positive habits.

Weight Loss Strategy 5 –Eat Real Foods

“Our brains may have forgotten what real food is but our digestive tract certainly hasn’t”

Unfortunately in the last century, through conditioning, cost, convenience, calorie count and addiction we have become more removed from real foods than ever before. To fully nurture, nourish and support our body, we have to get back to consuming whole natural foods that are compatible with our digestive system.

We have to move our intention back to consuming ‘Real Food’, focusing on eating high quality proteins, good fats and unlimited nutrient dense high fibre vegetables to limit cravings, fuel the body and provide the largest nutritional punch possible.

Sugar, flour products, processed foods, gluten and alcohol are inflammatory, addictive, low nutrient, hormone disruptive, and appetite enhancing foods that can cause dramatic insulin spikes that result in increased fat storage, to build optimal health they have to be reduced or restricted.

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