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All What You Need To Know About Inversion Therapy

 Pain Relief – Studies have been done which show a trend of pain relief in persons have tried inversion therapy. The study specifically finds that inversion at an angle of 60 degrees for a period of eight weeks usually results in a reduction in back pain

 Increased Flexibility – Inversion therapy results in micro-movements in the spine. Over time persons undergoing inversion therapy will find it easier to bend.

 Improved Posture – Inversion Therapy realigns the spine and helps to improve your posture.

 Improved Balance – Posture and balance go hand in hand. Many athletes and professionals such as gymnast and divers use inversion therapy to improve their orientation awareness and balance. The practice balances the inner ear, which is one of the key factors in helping to maintain balance.

 Improves Oxygen Flor to the Brain – When a person is in an inverted position, there is an increase in blood flow and therefore oxygen to the brain. This results in improved cognitive function.

 Strengthens Core – In addition to simply being inverted, exercises such as crunches, back extensions, and sit-ups. When these exercises are performed while inverted, there is a reduced risk of spinal injury and a chance to increase core strength. Increased core strength results in improved spinal support, i.e., a stronger back.

 Reduces Stress – Inversion reduces tension in the muscles, reducing physical stress on the body. Within the first 10 seconds of inversion, tension is reduced by a whopping 35%.

How Do I Do Inversion Therapy at Home?

So we now know the benefits of inversion therapy, the important question is, how do we do this at home? There are a number of ways to get in on the stellar benefits offered by inversion therapy. Below we will list a few of the ways you can get inverted right in your own home.

 Yoga – If you just want to try inversion without spending the cash on the equipment, it would be wise to start with yoga at first. A few beginner options which you may consider are:

  •  Downward Dog
  •  Dolphin Stand
  •  Wall Supported L Stand
  •  Supported Shoulder Stand
  •  Legs Up the Wall

 If you are a little bit more advanced, you can try doing handstands or headstands.

 Stability Ball – While you cannot fully invert on a stability ball, it is possible to get some relief and improve your core strength using various stretches. One of the simplest ways to achieve this is by lying flat on your back plant both feet on the ball and lift your hips upwards creating a bridge.

 Inversion Table – This is the most common way to achieve inversion. There is no work required, simply strap your feet in, lie back and let the table do its job, allowing total inversion. Inversion tables cost in the realm of $200.00

 Inversion Chair – These are similar to inversion tables but usually only permit inversion of about 70 degrees.

 Headstand Stool – This device provides neck support and helps to provide more comfort for anyone trying to do headstands for inversion.

Final Thoughts

Back pain can be a real drag, and cost us our enjoyment and leave us in agony. There are many ways to treat back pain, and inversion therapy has emerged as an extremely viable option. Before we jump to anti-inflammatories, opioids or even surgery, it is strongly recommended that alternative options are considered first. It is however important that you consult your physician, and not try to treat your back pain without professional advice.

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