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5 star rating

My first time at any kind of detox centre or spa of this kind. What a find! Amity Wellness is a perfect way to reset, recharge and learn life changing skills to change the habits of a lifetime. Everything about Amity is well thought out and perfectly presented. From your pre-screening to the included welcome pack with huge water bottle, everything is well considered.

Amity feels part home, part resort. Relax in the pool or infrared sauna, grab a green coconut at the bar, freshly cleaved open in front of you on request. Sip brewed herbal teas or take a health shot before you slip into the calm of the massage room or a yoga session.

Take a daily trip to the beautiful waters of Nai Harn beach or check out a traditional Thai Steam Sauna (there are 2 to choose from) all included.

Every member of Michelle's team is attentive and informative. Not to mention the fantastic crew of fellow detox-ers that I met. Fascinating people from all over the world. Every one is so supportive and don't be surprised if you make life long friends here. How social you are is entirely up to you and everyone is respectful of each other.

All the rooms are really well laid out and have air conditioning, or if you're like me and don't like air conditioning on all the time, great ceiling fans.

I did a juice fast and 2 days eating delicious raw food and was never hungry, every day I just felt better and better.

My advice...embrace it all! Go to the seminars, take part in as many activities as possible..and there are many! The practitioners available to you are every changing and world class, definitely a massive value add.

Amity is definitely what you make of it but the team will make sure you have the time of your life while staying there! If you care about your health, need a general reset or a way to re-evaluate your life, this is the place. An oasis of calm and importantly very professionally run.

A massive thanks to everyone at Amity! And from this first timer...see you next year!

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5 star rating

9 days of being taken care of by the best I have known todate When home, I am a Wellbeing Therapist so it's really important for me that when I come to a retreat to cleanse and detox, I chose a place that can look after me as I do other. Amity is by far the best I have known to date and I am thrilled I chose here. I was rock bottom when arriving and knew it was going to be a hard slog. At every step of the way, Palida and the team were there with a warm glowing smile and reassuring ear to get me through it. The kitchen start were always cheery with a smile that you cannot help but take to heart. Their raw vegan food, smoothies, juices and workshops are so brilliant. One of the highlights for me here is that I wasn't settling into a programme and so with her outstanding knowledge, Palida sat me down and changed the programme to something that may work a little better for me. There is a fantastic talk on magnesium by Kirsten who offers one of those light bulb moments that just gave me a spark! The daily massages were fantastic, the housekeeping staff, colonic room staff, just everyone is what makes this place truly special. The pool rooms are something special too and as everything is very cleverly laid out, it is all in a courtyard around your room. I left feeling fabulous and 'me' again and I recommend... When home, I am a Wellbeing Therapist so it's really important for me that when I come to a retreat to cleanse and detox, I chose a place that can look after me as I do other. Amity is by far the best I have known to date and I am thrilled I chose here.
I was rock bottom when arriving and knew it was going to be a hard slog. At every step of the way, Palida and the team were there with a warm glowing smile and reassuring ear to get me through it.
The kitchen start were always cheery with a smile that you cannot help but take to heart. Their raw vegan food, smoothies, juices and workshops are so brilliant.
One of the highlights for me here is that I wasn't settling into a programme and so with her outstanding knowledge, Palida sat me down and changed the programme to something that may work a little better for me.
There is a fantastic talk on magnesium by Kirsten who offers one of those light bulb moments that just gave me a spark!
The daily massages were fantastic, the housekeeping staff, colonic room staff, just everyone is what makes this place truly special. The pool rooms are something special too and as everything is very cleverly laid out, it is all in a courtyard around your room.
I left feeling fabulous and 'me' again and I recommend anyone to go and rejuvenate at Amity. More

5 star rating

Best trip in years - they fixed what was broken Program was great, well thought out, personalized, and very, very useful. I was a wreck when I showed up, and they sorted everything out. I cannot say enough good things about the involvement, interest, and knowledge of the staff. I actually enjoyed a week of not eating! And am really enjoying how I feel now.

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5 star rating

Best detox clinic I have ever visited The attention to detail and level of service here is exceptional. The raw food is delicious and the facilities available are amazing! The centre offers so many activities, talks and demonstrations and is clearly staying ahead of the market with inflammation pods and world renown experts answering your questions. Along with the proximity to a beautiful beach and friendly staff I couldn’t recommend it more.

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Karin W
5 star rating

No other detox centre can compare I’ve done so many detoxes during the last years and each time afterwards I would go home motivated to eat healthy food for a couple of weeks/months and somehow I would fall back into my former unhealthy habits and end up eating junk food again. Then another detox would follow and I would start the same cycle again. This happened over and over again.

My last detox at Amity has been so life changing for me. After being back home now for over 3 months I have finally realised why I was never able to sustain a healthy lifestyle for very long. It was a mixture of how I was eating (too often during the day and too many snacks) but also mainly due to emotional reasons

I started doing 20/4 intermittent fasting at Amity in May and have been following through up to now. 20/4 is much easier for me to do than 16/8. Can’t even imagine anymore going back to regular eating as I feel so much better!

So apart from introducing intermittent fasting into my life during my detox in May, I also did a lot of work with Marco (emotional therapy), which has really changed my life. We looked at lots of aspects which had been bothering me for many years, and one of the outcomes I noticed straightaway is that I no longer feel the need to comfort eat as he helped me to remove the underlying causes that made me put on so many extra pounds of emotional pain a couple of years ago. I tried lots of things in between, which never helped, and after only a couple of sessions with him, everything has changed for me. The weight from all the comfort food during the last few years has just dropped off. And I no longer need any comfort food. I think Amity is really lucky to have Marco nearby!

Amity for me is still the best and most sustainable detox and I am looking forward to coming back soon!

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sisca h
5 star rating

A Rejuvenating Start! Thought i'd give it about a week after the program before i write reviews..just to see whether i can apply all the lessons i learned there to my daily life

turns out i can! well not as good as they did there..but not bad..not bad

for a start..when i heard about this place from my friends who absolutely raved about it, i was skeptical, because i've tried the juice cleanse or fasting,etc etc.. and it just didn't work. But i saw them getting fitter and healthier day by day and i thought, well maybe i do need help to kickstart the detoxing process

since the first time i emailed them, they have been very informative and accommodating. When my husband and i arrived, we had a very warm welcome,they had an intro meeting on how the program will be personalized according to our body's needs

now i’m a person who got hungry easily, but lo and behold i actually didn't feel any hunger when i was fasting. maybe it was the coconut water, the (delicious) broth, the surprisingly yummy raw food, or the gajillion amount of water i consumed.

or maybe because there are so many activities, that you kinda forget about hunger (once again shows me that most of the times we snack just because we're bored) but the most important lesson was about nutrition,how good food fills you up longer than junk even though u eat less.. because the body got what they need!

that's not all..there are tons of daily educational talks, morning yoga, morning meetings with its delicious drinks, daily massage (yes my favorite), extra sessions or classes you can choose

all in all it was a great experience, the staffs were genuinely nice people who care about their guests, the talks came from knowledgeable experienced people, and the lesson learned are easily applicable (they’ll give you all the lessons and recipes in a flash drive)

i mean,last month i was eating take outs and having guilty snacks here n there... but hey now i'm actually making bone broth and nut smoothies for the family, yeay Amity!

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5 star rating

The place to be is amity What is to be said? This place is without doubt the best place to detox in comfort and be treated by an expert and and knowledgeable staff. There’s a selection of programs to choose from of which the managers assist you on picking what’s best for you. Rooms are perfect, aiconditoning works a treat and room is beautifully cleaned daily. Gorgeous pool, daily educational talks plus amazing massages. If you think colonics are scary, I can assure you that they’re not. So easy and you just lie back and relax. This place is heaven on earth and the staff bend over backwards for you. Nothing is too much. You leave a few kilos lighter with a clean and healthy body, ready to face the world.
Give it a go. You won’t be disappointed!

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5 star rating

Professional and friendly Spent five days at Amity and was truly impressed at the professional and friendly atmosphere. This place is what it purports to be—a detox center rather than a weight management program. Losing weight may be a side effect of a cleansing process that involves much more—coaching by the professional and warm staff, educational talks on nutrition, managing stress, and other related topics, as well as a wealth of information provided in a USB flash drive. If you are only seeking to lose weigjt, I would not recommend this or any other detox program. But if you are looking to get rid of the toxins that come with everday life in “advanced societies”, this is probably one of the best places to do so—at least, the bedt that I have encounteref. More

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5 star rating

Life Changing I stayed for ten days during a break between jobs. It was my first detox program, and I'm glad that I chose Amity Wellness.

I wasn't sure exactly what I was looking for, but I needn't have worried.
The staff, in my case Palida and Yui, provided a wealth of expertise and experience on the most suitable options to take. Changes to my programme were discussed and quickly accommodated.

I travelled alone and enjoyed meeting the other guests, all of whom shared the desire to improve or maintain their well being.
I won't say it was easy removing coffee and sugar from my diet, but the friendly supportive environment of the staff and guests made it much more manageable.

What do I remember looking back, the excellent food, the daily massages, the positivity and a wide variety of activities to keep you occupied during the cleanse.
I recall the energy that I regained, and all the training provided that allowed me to integrate the changes into my home life.

Oh, and I lost 4.2 Kg which wasn’t bad.

The staff were fantastic (special thanks to Bee, Nico, Palida & Yui) and the guest speakers were excellent.

If you are thinking of doing a detox, put Amity Wellness at the top of your list.
You won’t regret it.

5 star rating

Life-Changing week! When I decided to go to Amity Wellness I expected a raw diet or fasting regime, some colonics and maybe massages. That's it! I did not expect everything that Amity offered! If you wanted, you could participate in activities all day that were healthy, informative, nurturing, educational and life-changing.
Your day can be filled with raw-food cooking class, talks on everything from hypnotherapy, nutrition, breathing practices or Family Constellations therapy. You can take a ride to the beach which is only 10-15 mins drive and take a swim each day or relax by the pool at Amity. They have an amazing range of visiting practitioners who are honestly some of the best - and I'm in the wellness field and a practitioner myself. The rooms are thoroughly cleaned, have all that you need, spacious and comfortable. The 'bar' has fresh coconuts, a detox tonic & infused water on hand.
But most of all the staff are just wonderful. Each and every one of them is ready and willing to help and assist you.
Give yourself a treat. You to Amity and have an excellent experience! More

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A TripAdvisor Member
5 star rating

The best experience I have just left amity after a 2 week detox.

It was an amazing experience, I cannot fault a thing.

The facilities, schedules, programmes, information, support and organisation are all ideal, but the thing that makes amity stand out are it’s staff.

They make you feel welcome & truly cared for on an individual basis from the second you arrive, to the second you leave.

They know every guest by name & make effort to learn about each guest personally.

Any requests are catered to with ease - nothing is too much trouble!

Thank you to each and every one of you for enhancing my stay in every possible way!!

Can’t wait till next time!!!


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Beate V
5 star rating

Every detail has been thought through! Simply AMAZING!!! From the first to the last minute the experience is simply amazing. Amity does not talk about customer insights or customer centricity - they make it happen. Every single person working for Amity is dedicated, passionate, knowledable, friendly and focused on making your experience the very best. The teamwork and collaboration is exemplary, all aligned to support the guest. Every little detail has been thought through! From the raw food which is served to your room to the steril handling of the colonic cleaning, to the mosquito catcher, from the magnesium and tiger palm on your night stand to the clean white towels, from the fresh coconut after your sauna to the raw food demonstration....and I could go on - it has been covered largely by others on this platform. Congratulations to the owner and the team - this has been a truely exceptional experience. I will be back.

5 star rating

Next level detox! Choosing Amity Wellness for my 3 week detox was incredible. I have detoxed with Michelle 2x before 8 years ago. I came back to her new facility, this time with 13 friends over this 3 week period & Michelle & her team exceeded ALL of my expectations. The staff is warm, detailed, knowledgeable in all areas and truly go over and beyond to make your stay exceptional. They truly have a gift of service and you can tell everyone loves their job by the way they interact with each other and treat you as well. I really enjoyed the nutrition talks, they really have A class speakers. As well as the raw food workshops with Bee. There is so much we learned & that we are all still applying. This detox changed our lives as we are still applying the principals we have learned and maintaining the weight we have lost. My friends are still talking about the retreat. They even made a special raw birthday cake for one of the girls who’s Birthday was during the retreat. One of my highlight fitness classes was Zumba, however they have different options. The place looks just like the website - even better. There is such a peace & stillness about the atmosphere. Our favorite morning activity was the mountain walks - what a view! Also, the center gives back to a local school in the community where you have the option... Choosing Amity Wellness for my 3 week detox was incredible. I have detoxed with Michelle 2x before 8 years ago. I came back to her new facility, this time with 13 friends over this 3 week period & Michelle & her team exceeded ALL of my expectations. The staff is warm, detailed, knowledgeable in all areas and truly go over and beyond to make your stay exceptional. They truly have a gift of service and you can tell everyone loves their job by the way they interact with each other and treat you as well. I really enjoyed the nutrition talks, they really have A class speakers. As well as the raw food workshops with Bee. There is so much we learned & that we are all still applying. This detox changed our lives as we are still applying the principals we have learned and maintaining the weight we have lost. My friends are still talking about the retreat. They even made a special raw birthday cake for one of the girls who’s Birthday was during the retreat. One of my highlight fitness classes was Zumba, however they have different options. The place looks just like the website - even better. There is such a peace & stillness about the atmosphere. Our favorite morning activity was the mountain walks - what a view! Also, the center gives back to a local school in the community where you have the option to volunteer and help out. That was also a highlight for us. Thank you Palida, Yui, Naan, Nico, Rob, Michelle & the entire team. Your service is unmatched. More

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5 star rating

Amazing staff that make this a great place to visit. There are many wellness centres in Thailand, but Amity in Phuket is surely a cut above the rest with the most gracious, caring and accommodating staff imaginable.
Everyone was so attentive to my needs that I felt like a Queen for all of my time there. The service was impeccable, the food great and the rooms comfortable. There was nothing that all staff were not gracious in doing to make my stay an excellent one. Thank you.

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A TripAdvisor Member
5 star rating

Best detox ... my 2nd time of many more I have done the detox twice and I hope I can come back at least every year. After the first time I felt so good , energized, light and happy that I wanted to come back.

The staff cares about all the time and follow up on how you are feeling. The daily programs are well design to avoid thinking of food and the good thing is that all the people at the retreat are in the same status so you support each other.
For first timers I recommend the intermittent fasting with raw food (which is delicious) but if you have a more healthy life style fasting is great .

Bring a good book and positive mind and you will enjoy it. It is a investment for yourself . More



"I came here to detoxify and I left with so much more. This center really takes the time and care in making sure you are safe and in good hands. The education alone is well worth the visit as you come out of it so knowledgeable and empowered to make good lifestyle changes. The professionals that are brought in addition also place an important on your life that make change you forever. I may have begun the journey of detoxification and lost some weight along the way but the knowledge and clarity that I have gained in the process has given me the utmost confidence in being able to step forward. Thank you to the entire team! I will be forever grateful.

Much love, Johnny. Xoxo."


"I highly recommend Amity Wellness. My three weeks there have been wonderful. I was tired, listless and made for sugar when I arrived. I now feel awake, energized and sugar craving is a thing of the past. Totally transformed my mind set and started my body on its road to fitness. The reflexology and acupuncture I received were excellent and helped me cope throughout."


"I like to use the analogy of a detox like servicing your car. Some people look after their cars better than they do themselves!

If you're feeling sluggish or just run down from life in general, then I highly recommend doing a detox in Thailand and especially at Amity Wellness.

This boutique and intimate retreat is just the place to reconnect with yourself. Michelle Cooper the owner, is highly knowledgable and will guide you through the process, along with educating you on how important the gut is to our health and well-being. This was my third detox under Michelle's guidance and the staff here treat you just like family. You'll also connect with like-minded people who are only too happy to share their journey... a must gift to give yourself!" 


"Dear Michelle and staff. I would like to say a special thank you to you and all your staff for the wonderful experience. I arrived a little anxious and nervous not knowing what to expect. I was greeted by Gaan who was friendly, polite and went out of his way to make me feel comfortable on my new journey of quiting smoking and the raw cleanse.

Waking up to yoga in the morning with Caroline, listening to her calm voice, I knew I made the right decision.

I found activities and workshops in the evening which very educational. The food was amazing and the taste was oustanding. I met some amazing people and we all hope to meet again this time next year to enjoy the wonderful experience at Amity Wellness.

Thank you."


"Another profound and life changing week with Michelle and Rob and their fantastic team at the new Amity Wellness. It may be small in size but huge in commitment, attention to guest wellbeing and wanting to make a difference to people’s lives.

It is so wonderful to see truly knowledgeable people committed to help others improve their ambitions and shape their destiny. Most guests were returning from previous experiences with Michelle that is the simplest but most positive affirmation of the quality of this retreat. Amity has numerous highly experienced and gifted healing and nutrition consultants that ensure anyone who is prepared to take a leap of faith is well rewarded.

Thanks again Amity. I hope to see you all again (except colemas). "


" Fast things first......

Make no mistake, fasting is a commitment. I found it both intense and challenging and regularly felt nauseous and yes hungry.

The programme keeps you busy all day and Michelle and the team will keep you on track if you falter. The spa is small and intimate but you're not forced into any activities or talks.

Lots of people are return customers and those who had fasted elsewhere said this was the best they had ever done. "


"Unfortunately I could stay 3 days in Amity. I really loved those 3 days. I have done a number of detox programs and Amity so far has offered my best experience. The staff is so warm and really look after every visitor on a personal base. The information given is extensive. There is no wish the staff does not wish to fulfill. Despite the resort being very small, the program offers so many talks, food demosntrations and activities that it did not get boring at all. There is a great community feeling with the other visitors and the staff sharing their detox experience. I can only recommend Amity for a detox and the raw food is delicious. The rooms are very clean comfortable and good value."


"I arrived at Amity Wellness not knowing what to expect and the experience was amazing. I was treated beautifully and went on to experience a life changing week. During the week of fasting and detoxing, we were given the skills to continue growing and live a healthy and happy life."


"As mentioned in many of the daily meetings, my experience at Amity was one of the most insightful and nutritiously educational experiences to date. A true vacation and the perfect refresh button for any big city resident. Exceptional staff, support and service. Well worth the minor investment for a life long lesson in how to treat yourself better."



"Michelle is an angel, she is always available with her support, wisdom and Knowledge. She’s also really fun to be around and her team is no less exceptional. I can guarantee that you will be well taken care of when you visit Amity Wellness. The grounds, accommodation, facilities and activities have all been designed to ensure an extremely comfortable stay. It is perfect to detox physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It’s such an amazing destination to de-stress, I will definitely be returning for more goodness. Thank you all at Amity."

Adel and Rassie

"We are extremely happy with our end results. We both completed the 7 day Full Fast with Juices and we learned a heap full of new information, knowledge and how to create new healthy habits. The support and guidance that the Amity team offer are out of this world. We had so much fun being here and met so many awesome people! We wish we could stay longer! Thanks you!u"


"I have detoxed with Michelle twice before at her previous retreat, when I found out she had moved and opened her own retreat there was no question that I would follow her.  Michelle is the heart and soul of wherever she is and her knowledge, passion and expertise is excellent, more than that she makes people happy just to be in her company, Thank You!"


"I found Amity Wellness by pure luck on the web and it turned out to be the best holistic Health retreat I had visited in 20 years.  I highly recommend it to everyone in need of a multiple level break, Thank You"



"This journey was one of my best holidays ever! – Amazing location, excellent program and staff, wonderful support and guidance and beautiful people. Thank you for taking me through this amazing experience, I am leaving Amity Wellness with such beautiful memories and a clean body and mind to match.  I will definitely be back so see you again soon!"



"Before booking I nearly bawked at making the budget available.  I now see this as one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I’m taking with me a whole new perspective on food and holistic nutrition that I believe will be life changing – Thank you Amity"


"My wife and I went for five days in early Feb 2013. It was our first time doing a detox and I was a little apprehensive. It proved to be a great experience in the perfect location. Michelle and her team were excellent and explained everything really well. We spent each day doing fitness, meditation, massage and just lying on the wonderful secluded beach totally relaxing and we both felt great at the end. Altogether a great experience!"



"I have been detoxing in Thailand for many years and have to say that have been a more than happy client of Michelle’s for many years. She and her handpicked team provide the most professional and fun experience for detoxing. Michelle is extremely knowledgeable and provides excellent tailored support for each person in her care and her beautiful smiling staff help to make the experience great fun as well. They are lovely!!
What makes this experience better than the past, well I can only say that as well as the great staff, Michelle has the ultimate 'all in package'..the location is perfect...a stunning beach, beautiful sea, quiet, clean and amazing accommodation and grounds.

My last visit was superb helped also by the great people that were there...apart from losing 7kgs, getting my head together and relaxing, I laughed a lot and had a ball....despite the liver flushes, full fasting for 2 weeks, and 2 daily colonics (all of which by the way I love and is the reason I go)..I just felt I was on a peaceful, beautiful holiday....I cannot recommend it enough...do yourself a favour and go and experience Amity Wellness for yourselves and change your life for good ...and profit from luxury, great fun time and beautiful surroundings whilst doing it xxxx Five Stars xxx and wish Michelle, Rob, Grace, Ben and Doc together with all the great staff every success and look forward to my next visit xxx"


"A wiser man than me once said...."A journey begins with a single step" but isn't it more assuring if there is someone walking beside you? This is what you will find at Amity wellness.

Weight loss, although very welcomed wasn't my main concern, in the space of one year, I'd lost my best friend Grandma and my beloved Mum tragically and being self employed and busy, I just hadn't given myself the time to grieve, I had no family support and had reaching breaking point.

Coming to Amity was a breath of fresh air, if you need help, its always there, Michelle is a beautiful person, with a fountain of knowledge and always delivers it with compassion and humour. Luke kick starts you in the gym, his workouts are varied and fun and he really walks the talk. Ben is a muscle/skeleton geek tendon obsessive genius who throws in a mix of healing for good measure and the lovely Grace is an beautiful lady who has found the exact right balance between "airy fairy" spiritualism and down right straight talking.

I stayed for 2 weeks, lost over 5KG but gained so much more knowledge. I know if I slip up in my diet, I will recover. I am allowed to be sad sometimes, I have support if I choose to accept it. I made wonderful friends here and I have a positive fresh new outlook on my life ahead.

It can be scary travelling life's dark corners sometimes but I highly recommend you go to Amity, take that first step and they will walk beside you!"


"Michelle Cooper and her team of Amity Wellness are a true god send. I have never fasted before and chose to do the seven day Full Fast. Everything was explained thoroughly and clearly, no question too silly and the support was fantastic, they were always available to help. The massage and spa team are also delightful. If you are like me and want to recharge, re-connect and get re-inspired far away from your busy life, then Amity Wellness is the place to come. I will be back!"


"An extroidonary awesome 10 days at Amity Wellness. I feel completely uplifted and lighter in every way. This tranquil retreat has given and taught me so much and I will take this knowledge away to help me to better myself in everyway in my life. Thank you to all of the Amity Team!"


"My stay at Amity Wellness was a great success. I lost more than 5 kilos and increased my fitness level. I was thrilled with the results. The villas are clean, comfortable and spacious. The staff is friendly and helpful. The consultants are knowledgable and well-trained. Furthermore, the location is perfect for detoxing the body and mind with its beautiful tree-lined beach. You can walk and walk absorbing the fresh sea air in peaceful tranquility, and not even run into another soul -- well expect for the crabs scurrying along the sand! It was a wonderful experience all around. There is a very positive vibe all through the place."

Meet Pelle and his inspirational Story

In 2011 Pelle began experiencing reoccurring sinus infections which resulting in chronic Migraines and intense pain.  Of course he was prescribed numerous courses of antibiotics but it didn’t alleviate the problem.  In February 2012 Pelle was rushed into hospital with chronic head pain and a CT scan confirmed he had a blood clot and bleeding on the brain and he was rushed into emergency brain surgery.

For months after surgery, even with high dosages of medication, Pelle was still suffering continuous chronic pain, he was having difficult with balance, was unable to drive, felt constantly fatigued and with this followed depression, comfort eating and insomnia.

Feeling at such a low and declining day by day, Pelle knew he had to try a different approach.  He decided to start by focusing on the areas of his life that he could control.  On September 9th, weighing in at 90KG with blood pressure of 165/115 he decided to change his diet and start on a home detoxification program.

It took will power and determination but by the time Pelle reached Amity Wellness 40 days later he had dropped an amazing 10.2KG by eating healthy foods, taking nutritional supplements and super foods and drinking plenty of water.  His blood pressure was now 130/98.  Using a combination of Raw foods and a Full cleansing protocol here at Amity wellness I gradually watched Pelle gain more energy and positivity, he was constantly making everyone laugh with his wonderful sense of humor and was exercising regularly, even boxing, doing yoga and taking 10K sunset beach walks daily.

On 10th November 2012 Pelle left Amity Wellness weighing 8.3KG less than when he arrived, he had lost a total of 55cm, his blood pressure had dropped to 115/84, he was no longer taking any medication, his energy was high and his headaches were few and far between with much less pain.
Pelle’s journey to wellness was not an easy one but his determination to live again kept him going.  I would like to thank him from the bottom of my heart for having the courage to share his success story and I hope that it inspires others to take control of their health and their lives, please remember, if something’s not working, have the courage to try something new, stay connected with the feedback that your body gives you and make sure you surround yourself with supportive people and never give up.

Well done Pelle, I feel very honored to have met you and I know that you were kept around on this beautiful planet to achieve great and wonderful things.

Big hugs from all the Amity Wellness team and keep up the good work!!

Henrik & Helle

"My wife has suffered with a severe candida for a very long time, so after searching the web and been by the web of almost every retreat in South East Asia, offering detox and Candida treatments, we chose Amity. First and foremost because a lot of positive reviews about Michelle Coopers person, and her positive and professional approach to detox, nutrition, exercise etc.
The location is quite remote, but the beach is serene and the resort itself is very modern and well maintained, with a very nice pool & fitness facilities.
The rooms are very big & clean, with a nice bath room with free WI-FI (a bit slow). I had an issue that i felt the bed was a bit hard, but it was immediately taken care of.

It was our first detox ever, and especially I was not sure what to expect, with full fast, colonics etc, but all my negative expectations was turned down. From the minut of arrival, everything was taken care of and well explained. And all our worries about the colonics were turned down, it was a piece of cake and really relieving.

Almost every morning 07:30 there is a yoga class, which everyone can do, it is really a wonderful way of starting the day, and we will continue with this after coming home, we are really hooked on yoga (-:

08:30 everybody got together to do the daily talk about how we were feeling, energy level, blood pressure etc, and we get our personal schedule for the day. Did anyone had specific wishes or preferences it was full filled.

Other activities are diff. fitness classes, which were great fun. We did boxing, circle training etc. Every day we discovered new muscles, i did not realized existed, because the exercises were so varied. The raw food is excellent and varied and so are the juices. All the recipies are given to You upon checking out, so you can do your own raw food, when coming home.
All staff members are so serviceminded and friendly, and doing a great job to make one feeling good. We are checking out after 9 days. My wife has got rid of her Candida, lost 1,5 kg (she is very slim) and become even more fit than before. I have lost 3 kg, become more fit and in general much more healthy.
All in all if you have the wish of being detoxified, become more healthy & fit and loosing som weight, Amity is definitely the place to go. We have already decided to come back next year in November, together with some other guests, who have become very good friends."


"An oasis of calm and natural beauty - couldn't have asked for a better place to recharge the mind body and soul. I completed a seven day full fast detox at this new resort on a traditional Thai island which can be reached only by boat. 

I had a fantastic time at Amity Wellness and am very happy with the results that Michelle and her team helped me to achieve. My week was filled with therapy sessions, yoga, various fasting related talks, trip to the night market and fitness classes as well as relaxing by the pool (long enough to swim laps not just get wet in!) The team are there for you at every stage and were super efficient at dealing with any request or question, excellent considering it was also opening week! The abundance of smiles and laughter from the Amity team are definitely infectious. 

In addition to the official spa and therapy menus, the list of natural "extras" needs to be experienced - miles of empty beach, beautiful sunsets, sounds of the waves in the massage hut, the sea breeze as you enjoy the activities in the yoga sala and the evening frog chorus. 

Thanks to Michelle and the whole team for a great experience. I look forward to seeing you in 2013."

Ron & Jane

"Living is SO important yet so many people are DEAD whilst they are LIVING.

My life has changed after doing a 10 Day Fasting/Detox at Amity Wellness. The crew are simply the best. Very professional Team run by Michelle, the Owner who's knowledge of Fasting is critical to success. The place is very well set up.

This should be a yearly event in everyone's life and there is no better place to do it than Amity.

Amity is right on the beach, beautiful pool, a Sala for Yoga...lovely setting. "


"I staid at Amity in October 2012 for 3 weeks. Thanks to Michelle & her team for creating this place. This is my second detox under Michelle's supervision, & I'm so greatful for the experience! Thank you so much!
This trip was very special for me. First of all, the place is amazing, location is absolutely the best for the detox! This time I had big breakthroughs & unfolding new exiting path in my life now as a result of it, special thanks to Grace, you are an amazing spiritual angel!!! Detox programm, treatments & other extras (too many to name all), are well balanced, safe, simple to follow, we'll orginised & based on a lot of knowledge & experience. Thank you Michelle for taking the risk & working hard together with your team to make it a reality. I must mention Rob, he is such a darling Always had a notebook to write my requests. Thank you Rob. 
I miss Amity already, will be back in a year time. My gratitude to all. "


"I was so sick of feeling sick and tired and I lead a very busy lifestyle with a pretty stressful job that involves a lot of travel and time away from home. With that comes a lot of eating in other countries (of course) and entertaining visitors in Singapore as well, so of course that involves more eating and late nights. For years I've been wanting to go on a health retreat and I really needed to detox my body and so my gorgeous husband suggested I do just that for my birthday. So the search began to find a place that suited what I was looking for. After a couple of weeks of searching and me nearly booking a place we came across Amity Wellness. I surfed through the site and my hubby and I compared what was on offer and more importantly I saw Michelle was the founder. I had seen Michelle pop up a few times, including a Youtube with her talking about detoxing and some great testimonials from guests at a place she had worked so I thought "yes this is where I want to go". The bonus at the time was they were offering a special so how could I not go for it.

I've already made a short story long, so without waffling too much, I wanted to say that the experience was AMAZING!! It was my first EVER full detox and I was nervous about it at first but the team are so fantastic and made it so easy. Don't get me wrong, the first couple of days were pretty hard (but that's normal as you're body is going through a 'healing crisis') but after that I felt so great. I had so much energy I never thought it possible.

My whole experience was so easy and great from the emails with Rob (during my booking and asking questions), to when I was greeted by Luke who also made me feel so welcomed through to the wonderful girls helping at the Colemas and of course Michelle. Michelle is truly the picture of health and practices what she preaches. She is so beautiful inside and out and such an inspiration it just makes you hang in there when you're having a low moment.

Oh I forgot to mention, the massages are so great (everyday.....hello I was in heaven) and the exercise classes, yoga and other activities or simply just a walk on the beach by yourself or hanging by the pool were all fantastic. Oh and on the final day when I went onto the Raw Fast to commence breaking my fast the food was sooooooo delicious. Girls in teh kitchen are so lovely. I will definitely be back!! I will have it in my budget to visit Amity yearly for my yearly recharge! I just hope they're able to fit me in. "


"I just recently learned about Michelle's new venture with her very own wellness center, the 'Amity Wellness Center' and am truly delighted for her. I first came to know Michelle when attending the health center she previously worked at. Michelle was one of the main reasons I returned again over years. Michelle has a bubbly, live and warm personality and helps make people feel at ease throughout the courses they enlist for at the health center and first-timers can especially feel relaxed and encouraged as soon as Michelle meets them and introduces the various wellness programs available. Michelle is an expert in her field and always she is up to date with the latest holistic therapies and knowledge. I particularly enjoyed and took great benefit and inspiration from Michelle's body analysis program combined with gaining a deep appreciation for healthy food types and combinations and it left a very positive impact on me and a belief that I can now better understand and manage ways to look after my physical health. With Michelle's cheerful personality, deep knowledge and expertise in holistic therapies, and a genuine care for the well-being of others. I highly recommend anyone wishing to refresh and heal their condition to visit and enroll in programs at the Amity Wellness Center. I wish Michelle the very best in this new endeavor."


"I met Michelle Cooper during a 21 day cleanse in the previous retreat that she managed. My first impression from her that she is very warm and professional on all levels. Under her guidance I embarked on one of the most important journey's in my life; to become more healthy and happy. Michelle always guided us with a friendliness and service that I had rarely experienced before in my life. She knows what she does and what she says and was giving each and every individual full attention and respect. Her open mind and loving smile always helped on difficult days during the detox. She is able to understand and adapt to everybody. She has a great spirit and is very positive and motivating, always encouraging and guiding people to reach their highest potential. I was also deeply impressed about her clarity and talent to manage the staff and the clients.

I am sure everybody who will visit amity wellness will understand what I am trying to explain in words about Michelle. She is a fantastic and lovely person and I will visit Amity Wellness and highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in doing something to reach vibrant health and happiness. Since I met Michelle, I have stayed on raw food and my health is amazing and mind blowing. Michelle, thank you so much, you are doing such great work and I wish you all the best for Amity Wellness Center. I know it will be very successful."


"I have completed 2 full fasts under Michelle Coopers expert supervision. Like many, my initial motivation was to loose weight! I achieved this goal and impressively lost 5kg in 10 days. But more than this, my first experience kick-started a greater awareness and interest in looking after my whole self, which I (mostly!) have sustained. The balance of expertise and human care Michelle embodies creates a strong community among those who attend. On both occasions I went alone (as most seem to) and met some amazing people - some of whom I still keep in touch with."


"I would like to thank Michelle Cooper for her knowledge, experience and professionalism during my recent detox program. She has designed a package that assisted me with the tools I needed to enhance my everyday life. Her encouragement, beautiful nature and knowledge assisted me in detoxing my body like never before. I looked forward to her morning meetings which were always operated on time, concise and with sincerity in knowing everyone is different.

Not only did the 12 days clear my mind of negative and unnecessary emotional thoughts, I detoxed my body like never before. I carried unnecessary guilt and things in the past I could not change. I lost 8 kilos and kicked started my new journey for a healthier lifestyle. Since my return at the end of May, I have not consumed any coffee, fizzy drinks or eaten meat. I have changed my choices in food, juice weekly and after Australia's seasonal change I will eat more raw food that will be more readily available. The best present you could give your mind, body and soul would be time with Michelle and her team."


"I met Michelle five years ago during my stay at the previous detox centre she managed. I stayed at the detox retreat 3 times over those 5 years and each time I spent time with Michelle I found her to be authentic, enthusiastic, open hearted and super encouraging. She has such a passion for her work and her positivity touches everyone she meets. Her inner life definitely shines though as she walks the walk and talks the talk"


"I had my first fasting and detox experience in 2009, aged 42, while Muay Thai training in Rawai, Phuket. Having never experienced anything like this before, I was unsure of what to expect during the 7 day fast, or what the results would be. Luckily, I had the good fortune to meet Michelle Cooper from the the very first morning. Her experience, knowledge and excellent people skills put me at ease from then on. Michelle always had time for my many questions, which I very much appreciated, and I loved the results we achieved. I lost 8kg in 7 days and managed to kick my "pack and a half" a-day smoking habit, cold turkey, from day 1.

I have even returned in 2010 and 2011 for shorter visits and would highly recommend to anyone thinking of fasting/detoxing to let Michelle help you , like she helped me."


"I have fasted and detoxed under the guidance of Michelle on three occasions - that alone is obviously a testimony of the high esteem in which I hold her. My detoxing experiences are all positive and each time I complete the process I figure out a little bit more about the puzzle of life and about myself.

Michelle has a tremendous depth of knowledge in all aspects of holistic healing , fasting and detoxing and manages to impart her knowledge in an intelligent, thoughtful and inspiring way.

Everyone who meets her is captivated by her openness, warmth, humour and sense of fun. Michelle makes the whole fasting experience much richer. She always has time for everyone and no matter how busy, will readily make herself available to anyone who needs her."


"Michelle helped save my life and bring back a quality of life I feared was gone forever. In 2008, at the age of 45, I felt like I was about to have a stroke or drop dead of a heart attack -- my weight had ballooned, I had just undergone back surgery, all my joints ached, my blood pressure was 165/110, and I was under horrible stress and had frequent chest pains. Fad diets hadn't helped, unsupervised exercise was out of the question, and conventional medicine proscribed pills that made me feel fatigued and foggy-headed. It was at that point I decided to naturally cleanse and begin a process of detoxification and healing. That was when I first met Michelle at her previous healing center. She guided me through a lengthy cleanse and healing, and has guided me on shorter cleanses several times since.

Michelle is one of the most caring and friendly people you will ever meet. Combine that with her enthusiasm and dedication for cleansing, detoxifyication and healing -- helping people to find a healthy balance in their physical, emotional and spiritual lives -- and you have a very special person. I can testify personally-- and from having witnessed the changes to dozens of others that Michelle has helped over the last four years -- that spending 7-10 days with Michelle will positively change your sense of well-being and quality of life forever.

I am thrilled that Michelle has established Amity Wellness -- and in such a fantastic location, with wonderful accomodations and facilities, and staff and practitioners who know how to care for guests and help them to heal and transform. Whether you simply need to relax and rejuvenate, make some lifestyle changes, or find the space needed to hit the "reset" button, a stay at Amity Wellness with Michelle and her staff is the best treat you can give yourself.

My wife and I will be visiting soon. We look forward to sharing the art of living with Michelle and her staff, and we also look forward to meeting and sharing the journey with fellow guests like yourself."


"Detox? They stick what where? I’m not drinking that am I? Just a few of the things I things mentioned when I first met Michelle.

133kg’s – depressed – unable to tie shoelaces in a single bend – fed up and lost.. a friend mentioned a friend of his had been to Thailand to do some Thai boxing and he drank clay and stuff and he had a ball and stuff.. Mentioned it in passing to the wife as a joke pretending we had booked it and she said, what a great idea. (She had obviously grown sick of my state also) Soooo not hearing a No, I booked and dragged the poor daughter off with me.

First met Michelle on the veranda where for the next hour she put the wind up both myself and Tahlia with what we were about to embark on. She showed us how to insert stuff, mix stuff, drink stuff, and bend stuff.

Now a long story short, only to say, where else could you meet a total stranger (sometimes even a famous one), then within 2 minutes be discussing the contents of your morning poo – awesome. 20kg’s less, 26cm off the waist, happy, content and a new outlook on life later we bid Shell (or Smelly as she like being called) farewell and came back to Australia. There are only a handful of people I have met in my life that have drastically changed and shaped where I am now, apart from immediate family, people like a particular teacher, a business college, a close family friend have made long lasting and truly outstanding things happen for me. I am honoured to say, Michelle is included in this very select group. Her kind words, immediate understanding of life and how it effected me, her support and motivation are an absolute gift that I shall cherish forever and a lot longer now thanks to turning me around. The fact that I came back for a second helping must be testimonial to her good work.

If I had the chance I would be back to see her again in a flash and hope to do so in the near future, as its not about the place, its about the people at the place that make the place – if all that makes sense

So although I have probably told you a thousand times before Smelly, thanks for helping me and my Family..

Hope to try your new joint soon,"


"I booked myself in for a 10 fast not really knowing what to expect. I could not have been in better hands. Michelle is so approachable and has a wealth of knowledge in Holistic Health. She really cares and goes the extra mile to ensure a wonderful experience for all. Thanks to Michelle and her team i finished this amazing healing process feeling 10 yrs younger and so much lighter in spirit. This really is a life changing experience. Thanks so much Michelle, I could not have done it without you."


"I first met Michelle Cooper in Nov of 2011. I was in Phuket preparing for my wedding and thought a detox would be a great idea. This was my first experience with this type of thing. Michelle guided me through the process, answering all my questions along the way. She has a great knowledge of everything and anything involved with detoxification and wellness as well as a great sense of humor that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I enjoyed working with her so much I went back the following year and took my husband along. We both had a great experience and look forward to working with Michelle again in the future."

Suzanne & Aurelio

"I have detoxed 3 times with Michelle and Aurelio twice at her previous detox retreat and most of what we have learned on the subject we have learned from her. Her passion for detoxing and the positive health benefits that arise from both the physical and the emotional aspects of the programme are second to none and have massively boosted our interest in both, especially as we have witnessed firsthand the benefits of completing the programme.

Michelle is extremely knowledgeable in this subject and very easy to approach with her enthusiasm and positivity to answer any questions you may have, remaining professional at all times.

We would like to wish Michelle lots of luck in her new job but with all the hard work she has put into gaining her extensive amount of knowledge we honestly feel she doesn`t need it. Anybody who has the good fortune to detox with Michelle is truly blessed and will have the most incredible introduction to learning how to optimise their health."


"I completed a detoxification program under Michelle's supervision last year because I was suffering with symptoms of executive stress, was unhappy in my relationship of ten years and my entire home city (Brisbane, Australia) had just turned into Atlantis literally overnight after devastating floods. I had no idea what to expect and was feeling very disorientated and to be honest, I didn't think I was capable of fasting, I'd never skipped a meal in my life! As it turned out is was quite easy with all of the herbs and drinks etc that were provided. The process of detoxing is difficult to describe until you experience it. It's like your body completely slows down and feels floaty but your mind becomes quicker and your clarity of thought becomes sharper than a Swiss watch. I completed the full ten day fast (with three days raw afterwards) and lost around 6 kilos even though I wasn't there for the weight loss.

The best thing(s) about the program, getting to meet open minded people from all walks of life and every nationality. Sharing a joke and of course talking about what we'll eat when we finish! In fact I still keep in touch with some of the people I met.

So I hear you ask, have I gone back to old habits? What's changed for me over the last year? We'll, I gained the courage to lose another 90kg of dead weight and finally split from my partner! I won't say it's always been easy, but I haven't looked back and am enjoy my new life and independence so much more. I've taken up yoga and meditation, still running regularly and ran the Brisbane Marathon 6 months after I completed the detox. I'm still vegetarian and probably 80% raw, though I do indulge in the odd beer for good behaviour. My life has had it's ups and downs since leaving but I feel that it has been truly transformed and I'm entering into a new Golden Age at this time of my life. "


"Michelle is not only one of the most approachable and compassionate people I have ever met, she also carries with her a wealth of knowledge in Holistic Health. In the time that I worked under Michelle, she always had time for any request or problem that arose. She is a fantastic manager and a friend to all. She is extremely qualified in her field and has really dedicated her life’s work to helping others with their physical or emotional issues. Michelle is the perfect representation of health and fitness and leads a lifestyle that is truly admirable – she definitely practices what she preaches!

She is diverse and versatile where no job is out of her reach. She is always willing to learn more and is humble in her approach. Michelle is a spirited and strong woman who passes on her positivity to all she encounters. She always has a smile on her face and is immaculately groomed at all times.

Michelle is able to create a trustworthy relationship with each of her clients that is memorable. She has a large amount of followers throughout the world who are drawn to her personality and experience. I believe she will continue to forever change the lives of all those who pass through her beautiful life!"


"I am a 28 y.o. male with no health, weight issues or bad habits but who is always interested in finding new ways of improving the quality of life. Out of my 1 month vacation in Phuket, Thailand in July 2011 I decided to spend the last week of my holiday on a full fast detox programme under Michelle's supervision to see if it's going to make any positive difference on my health and style of life during and after the programme. I got referred to Michelle by 2 different friends of mine who previously went for a detox programme on separate occasions and highly recommended it for me to try. I must say I was a bit worried about the fact of not going to be eating any food for 7 days but surprisingly I didn't feel that hungry after receiving all of the supplements during the programme. I usually not a big fun of going to the gym as I prefer cardio work out over weight training but after being on the detox programme for 3 days I felt so much more energetic that I even went to the gym and worked out with a weight training for 2 hours which I never done for so long before. My daily colonic procedure wasn't a waste of time as well. After day 3 I could see Mucoid Plaque coming out from my intestines. I really didn't expect to have it in my twenties with a relatively healthy style of life - it wasn't a pleasant experience of seeing it but I am so glad to get it out rather then keep it in the system for many more years and keep getting poisoned with the toxins that it has. At the end of the programme I felt much lighter and healthy from the inside. I also received some addition educational information during my stay on how to keep a healthier style of life which I still find useful on my daily basis. Once I cleansed my system I feel much more careful with what I eat or drink afterwards which is a great achievement personally for me for a healthier style of life. I would recommend this programme to anyone who would like to find a different way to a healthier life (even if you think you already have it) but don't know where to start or would like to enhance it and learn something new about food, better life and yourself. Most of all, the people who take care of you are real professionals who know exactly what to do to make your stay more memorable."


"I first met Michelle approximately a year ago. My health was needing attention and I wanted to lose weight. First impressions are sometimes the best and my first impression of Michelle was that she was a very special human being. My immediate thoughts regarding Michelle: very friendly, extremely genuine, great sense of humour, very easy on the eye (haha).

Michelle is a very warm person.

As I got to know Michelle I realised my first impressions of her were correct.

Michelle had incredible knowledge regarding health and the way she shared that knowledge was very enlightening. She simply knew what she was talking about.

The great thing about Michelle was that she was fit & vibrant and I always want to learn from people that walk their talk.

She comes from a space of love & caring and that’s what people want! Michelle is a breath of fresh air in the way she genuinely wants to help people.

I am feeling so much better one year later due to the helpful advice from Michelle."


"When you first come in contact with Michelle the thing that strikes you straight away is how well she is. She positively glows, not just in her appearance but also in her demeanour. Then when you spend time with her you also begin to realise that she is passionate about her belief in helping others, mentally, physically and spiritually. Her knowledge is quite astounding. Her ability to impart information in a constructive form that is easily absorbed is second to none.

So it came as no surprise that after communicating with me for a couple of minutes she had diagnosed a solution to a muscle cramping problem that had given me sleepless nights for many years. I don’t need to go into detail, needless to say she had hit the nail on the head. My sleepless nights are a thing of the past and perhaps, more importantly, it was achieved without the usual side effects associated with the standard forms of medication.

I have the utmost respect for Michelle and will continue to utilise her vast knowledge and insight to further improve my well being, mental and physical health in the future. The changes she has made in my life are profound and lasting. For that I am eternally grateful."