Hayden Rhodes Educational Talks

Kicking the Sugar Habit – Take Your Power Back – Drop Body Fat

Join Life coach and Nutritionist Hayden in one of his empowering Wellness talks.  Hayden has a variety of different motivational talks that address the all important issues of overcoming sugar addiction, introducing new ways of thinking, creating new positive habits, overcoming obstacles, common exercise myths, fat loss boosters, fuel efficiency, craving management, hormone balance and much more.

Body Fat – Drop it like it hot

 Learn why 98% of people wanting to lose body fat long term fail. Find out what the 2% do to get long term results.

Take Your Power Back

Learn what’s really behind true self power and getting what you want in life.

How to Kick Sugar Habit

Sugar is more addictive than cocaine & negatively impacts our minds and bodies - find out how to get off this harmful drug - for good.


Event Hours(1)

  • Wednesday

    01:00 pm - 02:00 pm

    Body Fat (Drop it like its hot) - Take Your Power Back - How to Kick Sugar Habit