Dave Catudal Educational Talks

Eat right for your Body Type - Hungry Hormones - Superfoods Explained - A Perfect day of Eatin

Eat right for your Body Type

There’s a reason why a “one size fits all” solution to nutrition doesn't exist - it's because we all have different body types! Learn how to optimize your nutritional intake to suit your specific needs and make sustainable upgrades to your health and physique.

Hungry Hormones

Hungry hormones is a talk that addresses the vital role hormones play in your body and teaches you how to address and fix imbalances with specific hormones that we can control with our everyday actions.

Superfoods Explained

Discover the most beneficial foods that supercharge your body and mind while learning tips and tricks to cleanse, nourish, and improve your health and well-being.

A Perfect day of Eating

A talk base on comparing what the “ average “ daily diet is and then examples of a “ Perfect” day for eating for weight loss, energy optimization and digestive health.