The Healing Power of Breathing

The Healing Power of Breathing
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Inner Exploration :

We did start life in a first cry and will end up, i wish you the latest as possible, in a last breathe.. between that our breathing shape our feeling, anxiety or serenity, shape our emotion state, our breathing can poison our body or can purify it.

By learning how to breathe properly, with the diaphragm, using different technics, method, etc, i will bring you in your inner exploration, your own adventure, getting a parenthesis in this frenzy, far away from any distractions, giving you the tools to fight against the burn out.

We used to compose with verbs like to DO always in action, or to Have stressed about our possessions, then it will show you to BE, discovering who you are through the Apnea and breathing... shutting down the mind, going inside the body, discovering a free and really efficient life hygiene.

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