Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation

Induce a powerful state of Relaxation

The story of using singing bowls to utilise sound and vibration energy spans back to ancient history. Evidence has been found from ancient Egyptian texts from 5500 years ago mentioning the use of Faience to create Quartz Faience bowls. These bowls were used to cure diseases in ancient times.

There is another type of bowl made from metals such as gold, copper, nickel, antimony, and zinc. Such bowls are part of an ancient Tibetan tradition that has passed on to modern day.

  • Creates and generates positive energy flow (chi) for the user, area, and listeners.
  • Influences the mind to a serene and peaceful state important to holistic health.
  • Sounds from the bowl helps calm and focuses the mind leading to discipline.
  • Increases mental strength both in left and right hemisphere to improve memory and creativity. Useful for architects, students, and artists.
  • Cleanses, mends, and strengthens your aura to protect your body from illnesses.
  • Cleanses and activates your chakras, healing your organs corresponding to that chakra. (Each bowl has it’s own frequency corresponding to a different chakra. Your main 7 chakras correspond to different parts of your body)
  • Increases mental sharpness and imagination to visualise goals

Event Hours(1)

  • Saturday

    06:30 pm - 07:15 pm

    Induce a powerful state of Relaxation